Knowing The Cost Of Wedding Music


Music is one element any occasion; most notably a wedding cannot lack music. The sole of such events is the music introduced. It raises an atmosphere of bliss, sets the vibe, keeps your audience lively and leaves you with memories of dancing and fun. To ensure a high spirit, and keep the guests and the dancing floor pumping, there are live bands, wedding duos, DJs and so much more to put in consideration when making your choice.

Looking at weddings from time past and in different areas, we have been able to ascertain what couples spend on music for their weddings in bid to help you have a view of how much to budget while ensuring you enjoy good vibes all the way.

Cost Of Wedding Music

The price of music at weddings would depend on what you want and what you are willing to spend and the kind of songs you want.  A Lancaster pa DJ is a solo artist, and his price will vary with that of an acoustic duo or a 5, 7 or ten-piece band.

Put into thought what you are expecting with your music professionals when deciding your budget. Generally, wedding music will cost an average of $1,651 around Australia and a bit higher or lesser in areas like South Wales, Victoria and ACT. Below is a list of some areas and their bills on wedding music.

Victoria – $1,716

New South Wales – $1,891

Queensland – $1,397

South Australia – $1,338

Western Australia – $1,448

Australian Capital Territory – $1,787

Tasmania – $1,260

Should I opt for a band or a DJ?

This question never escapes couples when it comes to choosing wedding music. If you are still in between this decision, think through on what you want for your wedding music; are you giving room for guests to make requests? do you want all night long music and you don’t have so much room to place musicians? You may settle for a DJ.

However, if you want a vibe feeling, much fun, interaction with the guests, a live band stands as a better option.

From research, 65% of couples settle on using a DJ to cover music on their big day while the other 35% choose a live band. To make proper decisions considering your budget, your guest list, your venue, space, type of wedding reception and your personality, you can make further research on the difference between a DJ and wedding band so that you can have a fantastic day filled with long-lasting memories.