Factors to take into account when selecting rainwater system


We all know that the primary threat to the offices and homes where heavy rainfall occurs is rainfall damage. If you live in a place like the UK, it rains heavily. Thus, it’s crucial to have the appropriate rainwater harvesting system installed as per your needs and requirements. Here are the four critical variables you must think about when choosing a rainwater system.


When selecting the material for the rainwater system, you have two options. You can either choose between metal or plastic.

Plastic rainwater systems use PVC- U. These are terrific alternatives to the metal design because they are simple, easy to install, and available at a low cost. These systems also have a longer life. Thus, you need not worry about drainage problems in the long term. On the other hand, the metal rainwater systems offer various advantages over plastic ones, including a more elegant appearance and a guarantee for a longer lifespan. However, metal ones need annual maintenance to avoid rust and ensure longevity, unlike their plastic counterparts. Furthermore, there may be a significant price difference, as is most often observed with more athletic appealing options.


Rainwater collection systems are available in various designs, including deep flow, circular, square, etc. When choosing the gutter form of your house or workplace, you should think about your needs. To find more information about rainwater harvesting systems, check out https://litcore.ie/rainwater-systems/ruukki/gutter. When you are selecting the shape, here are a few things to keep in consideration:

  • The gutters carrying capacity
  • The maximum water quantity that can be expected.
  • The architecture of the home as a whole.
  • If you consider the above mentioned factors when choosing a rainwater system, you’ll choose the right one for your home.


Like the shape, size is a crucial factor and should not be ignored. It would help if you verified that the contractor’s measurements are accurate. If the measurements are not correct, you will face problems in the future, forcing you to improve the rainwater system.


Finally, the type of system that you wish to install is an important consideration. You may want to get a system that matches the home architectural style in terms of design and color. The rainwater system should be considered as a component of the roofing design. Therefore, go for a style that complements your roof. Make sure to keep the above-mentioned four factors into consideration when selecting your rainwater system.

Rainwater harvesting components that you must have

Collection area

The collection area primarily refers to the roof where the water will be collected.


Conveyance system

Conveyance system rivers do the gutters and downspouts.

First, flush diverter.

Flash is the runoff from the first rainwater collected.

Leaf screens

Leave screen refers to the filtration system. This is especially important if you want portable water for consumption or laundry use.

Water storage tank

The storage tank can either be underground or above ground, or it can have multiple tanks.