Not all women have amazing big boobs and this might not be liked by many men, but most people see it to be just normal. The boobs that are being so much glorified are not natural but done through surgery. There are men who would love to get wet with a normal woman, they do not like the feeling that they get when they have sex with women or the doll with high boobs. To meet the needs of the men, the companies have come up with small breasts dolls. These small breasts dolls are very much in demand and men are going gaga over it.

Why are the new sex dolls in demand?

The companies dealing with sex dolls are always on the lookout for ideas to produce new sex dolls which will meet the demands and fantasies of Men in a much better way. The market has already been captured by the robotic sex dolls which fall under the very new sex dolls category. They are treated much better than the ordinary sex dolls as they can perform a lot of extra things that these dolls couldn’t. However, these new sex dolls need a lot of modification before the demand for them can skyrocket and beat the demand for the normal sex dolls

Reasons for the demand for curvy dolls

There are many people who love to have a wide range of curvy sex dolls be it male or female. Among the various reasons behind such an act, some of them are discussed below.


Sex dolls are well known for meeting the fantasies of men and women. A person has a lot of fantasies that they want to be fulfilled. They go to the store is in the lookout for such a doll that will be able to fulfill all their fantasies, but is that it is hard to find one. The wide selection of the new sex dolls is going to make one confused and a person ultimately ends up collecting these sex Dolls in their personal collection. It is almost like having a collection of pornographic videos.

Do not like human beings

The reason behind why one might have a collection of sex dolls even if they are well aware that society would judge them is because they treat them much closer than human beings. There are many people who are very disgusted with the world and with the people in it. Therefore, whenever they Crave sexual desires, all they need to do is choose the dolls with whom they would like to spend the day.


Another reason behind such an act is that one is always on the Lookout for sexual orientation. Bisexual men and women find it very difficult to find a partner who would accept them for who they are. It is easy for a bisexual man to have sex with a woman but it is hard for them to find a woman, who would like to share him with another man as well. To try to away from all the confusion and judgments, they try to get hold of sex dolls. Curvy sex dolls are perfect solution for them.


History has shown us that Men have always had control over women. We all know how history shaped each one of us and our personality. One of the biggest reasons for why men have been a huge collection of the sex dolls is that they love to possess women and keep them for their own use. Modern women will not be in control of a man and his Desires, but a sex doll will always be. The vagina, those hot boobs and that crazy ass of the sex doll is all for the service of the owner.


Women had been repressed for a very long time and some of them are still repressed.  They are not allowed to have sex beyond marital tie. But they do crave for it and wants to have sex. It is just normal that when women are asked not to do something, they would love to have that thing all the more. This is the reason why they have the huge curvy sex dolls, so that they will be able to fulfill their desire through these dolls.


Sexes dolls are looked down upon by society, but in reality, people either possess them or have the desire of possessing one, but all these are done in a hushed-up tone. It is high time for people to understand that that is not a bad thing. In fact, it is glorified in many religions. Until and unless the society is able to accept it, society will never be able to progress. Men and women should stop indulging in secret sex. When you see someone having a huge collection of small breasts dolls, do not mistake them to be shy or scared, there are various reasons behind it.