The average cost of remodeling your home


Remodeling your home can have added benefits. Maybe you didn’t like your kitchen aesthetic, or you have outgrown your current home space and need to add an addition to it. Regardless of why you want to complete the project, it’s important you hire the right remodeling contractors, so you stay within budget.

It’s common that construction projects go over budget and aren’t completed on time. But, the goal is to get that project as close as possible to your chosen budget and the original completion date.

Let’s factor in some costs associated with remodeling projects.

Rooms –

Depending on which room or space in your home you’re looking to complete the project will have a determining factor in how expensive your project is.

Square Footage –

Another determining factor in remodeling projects is how large the space that’s being worked on, or added, is. Square footage can make a project more expensive than you had planned.

Discuss this with your remodeling contractor so you have a realistic expectation of how much money you’ll need for project completion.

Materials –

One of the easiest way to go over budget is through the materials needed. When you set your budget, set two. One for the project work and one for the materials. This way you’ll know what price range you should have in mind when you go to home showrooms to choose your materials.

Permits –

Permits are the first thing you’ll need to get prior to starting your project. To check if you’re going to need to get approval to start your project, speak with your city council advisor or HOA administrator.

Usually, remodeling contractors will know the best way to go about getting these permits and will often take this project off your hands when you hire them to complete the project for you.

The average cost of remodeling projects

While no project is the same, the average cost of a remodeling project (with materials, contractors, and every other factor included) is approximately $40,000 with a national average in the US being $18-75,000.