Marijuana Lounge Makes Moves! Time To Visit Lowell Farms


By now you’ve probably heard about Lowell Cafe, the first cannabis restaurant and marijuana lounge in the United States, but you may have questions about the ways this experience differs from simply visiting a dispensary or a bar. We’ve answered a few of the most common questions here so that you’re prepared and excited to visit the Lowell Cafe when it opens in West Hollywood on October 1st.

Will there be food?

Munchies are undoubtedly a common part of the smoking experience, so what marijuana lounge would be complete without delicious food? Chef Andrea Drummer, a pioneering force in the worlds of both cooking and cannabis, is the creative mind behind the innovative dishes you can choose from at the Lowell Cafe. Even though the food isn’t infused with marijuana due to regulations, every dish is carefully crafted to perfectly accompany and compliment cannabis consumption. These are just a few of the dishes you’ll be able to order:

  • Grilled peaches served with burrata, toasted walnuts arugula, and balsamic glaze
  • A dessert plate that includes peanut butter cookies, caramel popcorn with Thai chili almonds, and ice cream sandwiches
  • A fried chicken sandwich served with freshly made pickles, kale and Brussels sprout slaw, and tomatoes

In the spirit of Lowell Farm’s organic growing practices, all of the food is made with locally-grown, farm-fresh ingredients and the menu will change with the seasons.

Will there be music?

Absolutely! Lowell Cafe plans to host a variety of events including Sunday Brunch with a string quartet that plays covers ranging from 1700s classical to modern rock standards, live bands, and educational panels. Lowell Farm wants their marijuana lounge to become a community space that will help pave the way for responsible and culturally accepted cannabis consumption, and including performances and events is an important part of building a sense of community.

What can I buy to eat or smoke?

You can purchase products sold by Lowell Farms and other similar top-quality marijuana growers by selecting options from the menu with the assistance of the cafe’s “flower hosts” (a cannabis version of a sommelier) or visiting the Dab Bar. You can also purchase products to take home, including edibles, from the dispensary area of the cafe.

Lowell Farms offers a variety of top-quality, pesticide-free cannabis products, many of which will be available at the cafe. In the meantime, you can purchase products like Hell’s Fire Indica Smokes, CBD Hemp Flower, or the Hybrid Party Sativa from their online store.

What’s the decor and general vibe?

Lowell Cafe takes its commitment to greenery seriously, and not just the kind that can be smoked. The lounge, which has both an indoor bar/cafe area and an outdoor rooftop patio, is covered in lush plants full of vines and flowers that not only make a beautiful backdrop for your visit, but also provide protection from smoke for the surrounding buildings.

Can I visit the marijuana lounge if I don’t smoke?

Yes, everyone is welcome at the Lowell Cafe, and one of the patios is even reserved for non-smoking guests.

In the wake of many states (including California!) recently legalizing and decriminalizing marijuana on the state level, it’s time to welcome in a new age of cannabis consumption that includes welcoming community spaces like marijuana lounges. Make your reservations for Lowell Cafe today and get ready for a completely new way to experience marijuana.