Handy Shares Important Foundation Tips That You Shouldn’t Skip




A good foundation is a deciding factor between prominent makeup that stays fresh throughout the day and a complete facial mess. Setting up the right base is extremely important to make sure you look flawless when you step out that door. The abundance of beauty products can, at times, feel overwhelming and become a complete mess if you do not focus on your foundation. However, Handy has a few tips to help you create the perfect foundation for your beautiful face. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Skincare and moisturizer- The right makeup requires healthy skin. It needs to be properly hydrated to allow the composition to settle in. Allow the moisturizer to settle in before you start applying the makeup. Healthy skin requires far less makeup and to ensure yours remains in top condition, always apply some moisturizer before makeup.
  2. Choosing the correct primer- Makeup isn’t all about colors. You have to consider a primer for maximum effect. A carefully selected primer can make a lot of difference as what you choose depends on the type of your skin.

Dull, dry, and slippery skin require different types of primers. You can also choose them based on the kind of results. Wholesome primers make your skin glow, and others imbue a matte finish which is more suitable for your office. There is a suitable primer for every situation that will give you significantly better results, so start looking.

  1. Skin tone formula- Much like the primer, no skin tone fits all. Skin tone usually depends on two factors, the occasion and the state of your skin. If you’re looking to conceal some patches of dry skin, a lighter tone with partial coverage will do the job. However, more acne-prone skin definitely requires full coverage. The tone, in this case, also varies with your skin color.

Take the time to apply different shades until you find one that sits well with your skin. Be wary of lighting as artificial sources of light can tamper with the shade values.

  1. Application- There is a great debate on what you should use to apply the foundation. While some individuals use their fingers, others tend to use brushes.

It’s true that using your finger gives you greater control over the amount and area of application. In the hands of an expert, it can produce great results. However, you can also end up applying too much, making your skin look cakey. Although brushes take longer, they are much safer. Make sure to moisturize and clean your skin properly before applying and add the foundation once you’re done with the primer.

  1. The 20% Rule- There is a saying that 80% of the results come from 20% of the resources. Start with little amounts of makeup. Apply in areas that require immediate attention, reassess, and then apply again. You can also take advice from the thousands of YouTube tutorials available on the topic.


Applying the correct foundation can potentially make or break your day. With these tips from Handy, you can now effectively get your foundation work done with the least number of mistakes.