Use these Monitoring Apps to Manage and Control Your Child’s Phone


Ever since technology has advanced, there has been an insignificant increase in the usage of mobile phones. Both adults and children alike have become addicted to their smartphones. It has been reported in many places that children are using smartphones more than adults have ever had.

They can explore all sorts of information—good and bad—just with a single tap on their mobile screens. This brings them close to the information that could be harmful to them. While using their digital devices, they can be exposed to unsuitable content. This is why most parents are now using monitoring apps to manage and control their child’s activity. An iPhone spy app or Android spy app is being used for this purpose.

Best Monitoring Apps for Your Kids

It is a fact that parenting is not an easy job. Being aware of your child’s activity and whereabouts requires a lot of time and patience. The job has become more complicated for parents with the invention of smartphones and social media.

Now, they have to stay updated about their child’s online activity along with keeping tabs on their whereabouts and other things they are doing on a daily basis. It is not easy to monitor your child’s every single move especially for those parents who are working fulltime.

They have to juggle between personal and professional life. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance may be hard for them but they cannot afford to neglect their children and not observe what they are doing all the time on their smartphones. For them, monitoring their child’s phone activity is a compulsion.

On the other hand, there is another group of parents who blindly trust their children and never interfere in their lives. They do not bother what their kids are doing on the internet and whether or not they are using their smartphones carefully and responsibly.

We wouldn’t recommend parents to fully trust the child with their online activity because they could be exposed to several challenges and risks on the internet. In every situation, you should monitor everything your child is doing on their phone.

Without becoming too nosy, you can control, manage as well as monitor what your child is doing on their mobile device. The best way to monitor your child’s online activity is to use monitoring apps.

These apps help you monitor not only your child’s online activity but their phone activity as well. For instance, you can find all about the sites your child visits, all the photos, videos, and text messages he/she sends and receives, all the places he/she visits, etc. You can monitor your child’s phone remotely from anywhere and at any time.

Let us explore some of the best monitoring or parental control apps to monitor your child’s phone:

Norton Family Parental Control

Norton is a renowned antivirus organization that has its own parental control solution. This parental control app allows parents to block and filter the content their child has access to, and restrict the time their child spends on their smartphone.

This parental control app comes with a system of notifications that will alert parents if their child has tried to bypass any limitations set on their smartphones. Moreover, it also helps them locate their child’s whereabouts.

Some of the main features provided by Norton Family Parental Control include personal information protection, web browsing supervision, social network monitoring, and location tracking. Parents can use the web blocking and filtering features offered by this parental control app to manage and control the content their child can see online.

The only downside to this monitoring app is that it does not let parents monitor online chat interactions and webcam sessions.

SecureTeen—the best iPhone Spy App

SecureTeen parental control has been in the market for quite some time, offering some of the best parental control solutions to its customers. Its advanced web filtering technology and screen time management have been giving a tough competition to others in the same industry. It is also known as the best iPhone spy app out there.

Parents can use this parental control app for iPhone monitoring as well as Android monitoring. Using this app, they can manage and control what they want their child to see online and what not. It offers non-intrusive monitoring, allowing parents to keep tabs on their child’s online activity without getting detected. This means they can keep a watch on their child’s phone activity without them knowing.

All the inappropriate sites and apps that parents do not want their child to have access to can be filtered and blocking with the help of SecureTeen. This way they can prevent their children from being exposed to the devastating effects of pornography and other online dangers.

What’s more, they can set customizable time limits on their child’s phone usage to help keep them focused on other important tasks such as homework, playtime, and meal time. Monitor your child’s complete online activity—web browsing, social media, and real-time location—using this ultimate parental control solution.

FamiSafe Monitoring App

FamiSafe is another effective parental control app for both Android and iOS that has a lot of advanced surveillance features such as restricting apps, blocking sites, monitoring web browsing history, setting time limits and location tracking, etc. Parents can use the free trial version but to benefit from the advanced monitoring features, they need to purchase the premium version.

With this parental control app, parents do not need to handle everything on their child’s phone. As soon as the app has been installed, they can set all the restrictions and apply all the settings on their own mobile device flexibly.

The only downside to using this monitoring app is that it cannot help them monitor their child’s Facebook account as this task requires rooting the device.