Bauhaus Furniture: Wassily Chair


Does your living room look a bit too average these days? Are you looking for something that would change the entire layout of the room and make it look appealing? Have you been saving up and are surfing the internet to buy a new furniture item that would up your décor game with your friends?

If the answer to the above questions is yes, then we have just the right product for you. Marcel Breuer’s Wassily Chair. It is an innovative reproduction of Bauhaus furniture. Breuer was inspired by the handlebars that adorned the vintage ‘Adler Bicycles’.

Well, you are not going to buy a chair just because it has a new and untraditional prototype, will you? Thus, we have compiled a list of all the key features that it has. Read them and you will know that it is not only unique in its design but also unique in its specifications.

Key Features of the Wassily Chair

1. Strong and Firm Frame:

Wassily chair consists of a stainless tubular steel frame that will stand through the test of times. The type of steel that is used to make the frame is heavy-duty thus it can withhold a large amount of weight without any bend in its legs.

2. Sidewall and Leather Straps:

The chair embraces a 3-millimeter thick sidewall. Furthermore, the straps that hold the entire structure together are made from sturdy and brawny leather. The leather straps also give the chair a modern sophisticated look.

3. Suspended Seat:

The chair has the optimal backward angle of 20 degrees that helps to provide you with the ultimate relaxation when you sit on it which is quite unheard of when it comes to chairs with a bold design.

4. Customize it:

The best thing about Wassily Chair is that it can be customized as much as possible. This chair comes in a standard black grain leather material but if that does not fit in your living room then no worries!

Lets you choose the material as well as the color that sits well with you and ultimately your room. You can choose aniline, cowhide, vintage and top grain when it comes to the variety of materials you can choose from.

The colors available include red, brown, white and black. Thus, if white or black does not fit with the vibe of your living room, opt for the red one!

Moreover, if you are unsure of the type of material they use and want to feel it in real life then just click on the ‘Unsure? Get your swatches option! This will let you choose the different materials that the leather seat can be made of. Though, you would have to pay an additional delivery fee for these swatches.

If the swatches do not satisfy you and you want to use your own material, you can send it to the manufactures and get the chair made with your own material! Can things get more convenient than this? I think not!

5. Stainless Screws and Springs:

To keep the entire structure in place, the manufacturers have used heavy-duty screws and springs that hold the entire frame in place. This means there is a zilch chance of the chair being wobbly.

6. Safe Materials:

All of the materials that are used to produce this chair are fire-retardant and non-toxic. So, even if you have small children scurrying around the house, this chair is perfect! There is no danger attached to it!

7. Dimensions:

The dimensions of the chair are 31 inches x 29.5 inches x 30 inches.

The Seat height is 17 Inches.


Marcel Breuer’s Wassily Chair will prove itself to be a worthwhile purchase if you opt to buy it. Not only did he modernize typical day-to-day furniture item, but also made sure that it provides the users with optimal contentment. A classic bauhaus furniture piece.