Why is the Gas Line Not Working?


For those who own a home or building, they need to be prepared for possible repairs. One of the issues that might arise is a problem with the gas line.

Gas is used to fuel a variety of home appliances and when problems occur, this can be frustrating. It is important for people to be able to troubleshoot the basics when it comes to issues with the gas line.

Is the Gas Tank Empty?

While this might sound straightforward, it is often overlooked. One of the possible reasons why the gas might not be working is that the gas tanks are empty. Take the time to figure out where the tanks reside.

Then, take a look at the tank. Most of them will have a pressure reading on the top of the tank. If the pressure reading is 0 PSI, then the tank is empty. In this case, the tanks need to be refilled or replaced.

Are the Isolation Valves Turned Off?

Many gas lines are going to have two separate isolation valves. One of them lives at the tank itself near the top. The other one typically resides outside the building near the line. Both of these isolation valves need to be turned on.

They function similar to a water tap. Check to make sure they are in the on position. If they are in the off position, this might explain why the gas line isn’t working.

Still Having Problems That Require Gas Line Repair

If, after checking these issues, the gas still isn’t working, then there might be something wrong with the gas line itself. In this case, professional gas line repair might be necessary. There are still other issues that might be contributing to issues with the gas line itself.