Know About Product Sourcing Agents


Many businessessource their products from different parts of the world,using various sites. However, numerous problems can be encountered along the way like: limited options on products, communication or shipping. At ET2C, we have been in the product sourcing business for close to two decades.  We are your one-stop-company for your entire product sourcing needs. As your product sourcing agent, we become your local purchasing office in your region of choice. Leveraging on our expertise and familiarity with the culture, finding the right suppliers is much easier, faster and cheaper.

It is often said that in procurement expected outcomes can fail to meet expectations. Business operations involving purchases from foreign regions can be erratic. The factors involved are many, and not all part of the process can be tracked from distant locations. Due to these variables, procuring from economical markets can be uncertain. However, the uncertainty can be mitigated through the service of an experienced product sourcing agent.

Here sourcing services cover a wide range of product categories and are fully inclusive. This ensures that we effectively manage your entire production process from order placement through to delivery with suppliers. We don’t just source the right product at the right price; we also add value by delivering quality to your specification.

Visit us at and let us know the specific products you want to purchase. Our professional product sourcing agents can facilitate product driven, low-risk and profitable solutions that enhance your supply chain. As your sourcingagent, we assess product quality, then bundle them together for shipping to your preferred address. Shipping is made smooth and easy utilizing express, sea or air.

Fixing product quality problem is expensive which would translate to loss of profit. Imagine ordering a defective product on your own and having to fix it before offering to your clients in your location. A major advantage of utilizing a product sourcing agent is that we make your importing safe and reliable. No one wants to overpay for product or get a lower quality product for a higher price. What you need is the best quality for the lowest price.

To protect the interest of both your company and the wellbeing of the manufacturing staff, we insist that our suppliers meet required ethical and management standards to ensure a safe working environment for local works. We stand behind the quality of the products sourced and ensure everything is set on your order prior to payment and delivery. We have locations in Asia, Europe, Americas and Africa, equipping us with agents that speak your language in your time zone.

At ET2C we offer our services to startups, medium to large retailers and wholesalers that are seeking quality-assured products and sourcing solutions from China, India and Vietnam. Our service rates are budget friendly.  Asides from the lower price and high quality advantage you enjoy as our client, you have no worries about kickback or extra commission from suppliers, which makes it easy to import from various destinations with

Contact us now and make us your product sourcing agent today. With our online tracking, effortlessly monitoring your shipmentuntil it arrives at your destination, we shall make your importation of quality products a seamless process.