The Best 5 Leg Exercises


Bodybuilders tend to split the leg-day. Some people really like hard-legged training and some would instead like the leg day to be replaced by chest day. It can be difficult to know where to start with so many methods and pieces of equipment at our fingertips. Let’s take a person who tries to start bodybuilding to highlight the importance of speciality in practice. Given their lack of experience and readiness, it would not be sensitive for them to immerse themselves immediately in heavy squats, leg presses and deadlifts. Rather, we first need to lay a firm foundation by successful motion. I always make sure that I have chosen the premium gym near me for the work out sessions to avoid injuries and to get the most out of my work sessions.


1.Leg Press


The leg press is a closed-kinetic movement, which just means that your feet are planted instead of free. A closed chain gives you a stronger power base without shaving the knee joint as much as you can in an open-chain exercise, such as the knee extension, which for that very reason didn’t make the list.


  1. Step- Up

The step-up can be tailored to challenge starters and experienced athletes in all sorts of ways. You can hold a barbell or dumbbells or kettlebells (either at your sides or at your shoulders). Step into a platform from half a height until your thigh is in the starting position parallel to the floor. This not only increases power by the glutes, hips and thighs but also helps you to practice balance and jumping strength that is useful if you are in a sport that demands vertical hops.

  1. Walking Lunge

“The walking lunge is a dynamic movement, requiring coordination and muscle recruitment to perform correctly” Gene Flores. This exercise is mostly a unilateral task, regardless of how it is carried out, with an emphasis on the front and not on the back leg. Between hip and heart to ankle and foot, you should receive a good deal of co-contractions between above and below the knee joint.


  1. Barbell Squat

“There are several muscle groups that influence the knee stability and movement in quadriceps and hamstrings. Quads play during knee lifting, while hamstrings are related, such as in a short sprint, directly to knee flexing and to the pushing action against the ground. In the end, squats allow muscle growth, power and strength to improve while stabilizers and core are reinforced.

  1. Romanian Deadlift

Hamstrings are the targeted group of muscles in this exercise. The quadriceps is a strong, four-headed beast of a muscle group and your Knees will always be prone to injury unless you develop hamstrings with sufficient strength to support the quads.The hamstrings of the hips, a needed addition to a hams-routine, could be controlled by variations of the bearing curl (sitting, lying and standing) all of which function the knee-joints muscle.