Should You Go to a Car Dealer for Your Oil Change?


In the past, it used to be that you had to go to car dealers to get your oil changed and your car serviced. However, now there are plenty of more repair shops from which to choose. The increased competition means that there has to be something extraordinary in order to get your attention.

Why Go to Car Dealers for Oil Changes?

In today’s world, everyone wants service fast, not expensive and with the best quality. However, the problem is that it’s impossible to get all three at once. Many think car dealers may be charging more for service but that is not always the case.

Since oil changes are a simple job, many dealers have competitive rates. If you go to the dealership for your vehicle’s brand then they know your car better than anyone and it’s unlikely that they will make any mistakes.

Good service will require more experienced technicians and better materials, and these increase the price. It’s important to remember that you get what you pay for.

When you are shopping around for an oil change, the price of the supplies will be directly related to the price you are paying. This also explains the reliability and quality you can expect.

If you are getting a $2 oil filter, are you going to be getting a quality oil change? Chances are probably not.

No matter if you choose to go to the dealer for an oil change, getting a regular oil change is a must.

Choosing the cheapest option may not always be what’s best for the car and you could be setting yourself up for a shorter engine life, higher emissions, and excessive fuel consumption.

You can also go the DIY route, so you have full control over the supplies you are using but then you also need some basic equipment and tools.