Why use resin for your garage, patio, or driveway


Using resin for the driveway, paved patio, or driveway gives your property a very aesthetic appearance and provides exceptional curb appeal, increasing the value of your home. Resin and resin driveways materials also offer many additional benefits, even though it is more than 10 times more environmentally friendly than concrete.


Resin-coated roads, sidewalks and paths are up to 10 times more environmentally friendly than concrete. Our resin bonded surfaces are made from high-quality natural stone and solvent-free resin to ensure they are as tough as concrete, but without damaging our planet.

Also, the permeability of our accesses, terraces, and resinous paths allows natural drainage by reducing surface runoff, helping to mitigate the risk of flooding in a natural, sustainable, and environmentally friendly way.

Wear-resistant, durable and long-lasting.

The resin driveways materials we use in its resin, patio, or path approach are carefully selected and consist of 100% natural stone from the UK and Europe. Extensive testing of various aggregate blends, including strength ratings, has been performed to ensure the full range of performance is covered in both domestic and commercial installations.

The resin driveways kits we use contain the latest polymer technology designed to provide a tough and elastic surface with longevity and durability unlike others in the industry. The result of the materials we use is a durable, long-lasting, and durable path, garden, or path with excellent aesthetics.

Poor maintenance

Resin walkways, platforms and walkways are strong and durable but compared to other traditional surface treatment methods, they are also a low maintenance solution depending on your needs.

Using resin as a binder essentially ensures a “sealed” surface without cracks, which means you no longer have to deal with issues like weeds growing between the joints. The flexible nature of the resin also makes it resistant to cracking or peeling, meaning there is no need to restart the pavement block, redirect flags or even add washed gravel.

In addition to the neatness and tidiness now and then, you can just sit back and enjoy the attractive quality of the sidewalk, patio, or promenade from year to year.


The resinous nature of sidewalks, decks, and paths makes them extremely resistant to the paint problems encountered on traditional surfaces, such as asphalt, concrete, and stone. The resin itself provides a sealant for natural stone, preventing potentially coloured substances, such as oil, from penetrating the natural stone’s aggregates. While the porous structure of the finished surface allows residues that can stain waterproof surfaces to be naturally removed rather than absorbed.

Weed resistant

The smart cell composition created by placing resin bonded surfaces makes weeds, paved sections, and paths resistant to weed growth. The porous nature of the finished surface means that water is not retained in the material and therefore deprives of any organic matter in the water that prevents root retention. Also, the unique uninterrupted surface created by the resin driveway, paved patio, or path, combined with the level of flexibility, eliminates the number of joints and the likelihood of cracks in more traditional surface materials, where weeds tend to form.