What Are the Winstrol Effects of Achy Joints?


If you look for “Winstrol side effects” online, you’ll often see people claim that Winstrol makes their joints feel achy, sore, and stiff.

Chances are good they’re mistaken, though.

As you recognize , Winstrol causes little to no water retention, which causes you to look leaner and more “full” and “dry.” You’ll often hear bodybuilders make the apocryphal claim that Winstrol does this by “pulling water out of your joints.”

They’re wrong.

Although winstrol tablets for sale don’t cause significant water retention like other steroids, it doesn’t dehydrate you or pull water out of your joints or the other a part of your body.

There are two more likely explanations of why bodybuilders complain of joint pain when taking Winstrol:

They read it online, assumed it might happen to them, then experienced joint pain because of the nocebo effect or blamed any joint pain they really did experience on Winstrol.

They were training harder, more often, and with more volume, which they were ready to do because of taking Winstrol. Their joints started feeling sore because of the many uptick in training volume and intensity, not the Winstrol.

In fact, steroids generally promote tissue growth, healing, and recovery, so you’d expect steroids (including Winstrol) to form your joints more durable, resilient, and powerful while you’re taking them, not weaker.

Although it’s possible that certain steroids might cause joint pain, we simply don’t have enough evidence to understand needless to say , and really little research suggests this is often the case.

Instead, it’s more likely this is often an unfounded facet of bodybuilding lore, handed down from one generation to subsequent on anonymous Internet forums.

Summary: There’s little evidence to think that Winstrol causes achy, tight, or sore joints quite the other steroid, and this concept is presumably a long-standing Internet rumor.


Acne is caused by a bacterium which primarily resides within the oil of the skin.

Scientists aren’t entirely sure why or how it flares up, but generally , things that increase boredom within the skin also increase acne.

Acne typically appears around adolescence because of a rapid rise in androgenic hormones (in men and women).

These hormones drastically increase boring within the skin, which may end in acne.

Testosterone and other steroids also increase boredom within the skin, which has the potential to offer you acne or make existing acne much worse.

And if you’re thinking you’re safe because you don’t have acne now, re-evaluate .

Pete Rubish, a powerlifter who’s been open about his steroid use, also had clear skin before he started taking steroids. After a couple of months of taking steroids he says, “It’s so bad that if someone literally just pats you on tramadol 3 day delivery the rear you’re in horrible pain.”

More disturbingly, he said it also got worse after he stopped shooting up , and it didn’t get away until he visited a dermatologist and began taking acne medication.

There isn’t much direct research on Winstrol and acne, but it appears to be more mild than testosterone during this regard.

That said, people’s reaction to Winstrol varies, and it’s possible some people might get more or less acne than others.

Although acne may be a temporary side effect of Winstrol use.