Cleaning Aircon with Chemical Products Increase the Life and Performance of the Machine


Air conditioners are used for comfort, cool and clean air in the entire home. However, a dirty aircon will blow warm air with dirt. This can pollute the air inside the house which increases the chances of bacteria, fungus growth and allergens. Thus, it is necessary to get the machine cleaned thrice a year with chemical-based products to ensure that all dirt and toxins are removed completely from the unit.

If you’re planning to get your machine cleaned with chemical-based products then it is wise to hire professionals who’re specialised in using such products with care. 7Days Aircon Servicing Pte Ltd provides the best air conditioning services in Singapore. You can check their website if you are looking for aircon chemical wash price or price for installation, repairing and maintenance. Their 18 years of experience has made them the most reliable and efficient aircon services company in Singapore.

People living in Singapore use air conditioners daily due to the hot and humid weather. When machines are used frequently, it needs servicing to keep it in good condition. Chemical wash is one of the best ways of cleaning any air conditioner. Chemical sprays and water is used to clean the air conditioner.

Process of Chemical Cleaning

LK Brothers specialises in aircon chemical cleaning and applies a strict methodology during chemical cleanups. 

Benefits of Chemical Cleaning

  • The air filter is the main part of the air conditioner that blows out cool and clean air therefore, no dust or grime must build upon the filter that can block the purified air. Chemical-based products flush out all dirt, debris and grime stuck on the filter seamlessly.
  • Due to internal blockage, the condenser in the air conditioner does not cool the room efficiently. However, chemical wash clears all blockages ensuring that the condenser works smoothly.
  • Mostly, when the air conditioner is leaking, it means there are dirt, grime, and debris build-up inside the air conditioner near the refrigeration tubes. This is avoided by using cleaning agents that washes away all dust and moulds that develop in the system.
  • The evaporator is the most important part of the air conditioner that keeps the entire unit effective, but dust and debris accumulated around the evaporator can affect its function negatively. Cleaning it with the chemical cleaning agent ensures that the machine blows sufficient cool air for the entire room.

When you’re air conditioner is running smoothly, it helps in reducing electricity bill as well. Thus, it is necessary to hire a professional who can use all chemical-based products efficiently and ensure the machine works again in good condition. 7Days Aircon Servicing Pte Ltd provides the best AC services in Singapore. To know more about their business you can check their Twitter account where you read reviews from their loyal customers.