Signs Alcohol Rehab in Orange County, CA Is Needed


Alcohol rehab in Orange County, CA is often the first step toward seeking treatment for alcoholics. Many addicts want to avoid the formal care that rehab gives them and instead want to try it alone. In reality, it can be hard to break free from addiction without any help, especially as the addiction has gotten worse. There are some signs that alcohol rehab in Orange County, CA is needed.

Alcohol Use Has Become the Main Priority

A main sign of addiction is when the substance of choice becomes the main focus. If alcohol is consuming your thoughts throughout the day and you are spending a lot of time and resources to get it and use it then you could be addicted. As addiction progresses, former activities and interests take a backseat to alcohol use. You may no longer want to spend time with your loved ones.

Health Is Suffering

Alcohol addiction can be linked to various types of cancer and long-term liver problems. Addiction takes its toll on the mind and body and causes a range of symptoms. The physical health consequences can range from mild to fatal and depend on different factors, such as how much is consumed and for how long. Alcohol also alters your mental state in some ways and then can lead to increased anxiety and depression. A benefit of going to a structured rehab facility is that you get mental and psychical health monitoring as you go through the process.

You Need More Alcohol to Get Drunk

Over time, the body begins to adapt to the level of alcohol in your system and you build up a tolerance. As your tolerance grows, you will need more to produce the same outcomes. You can run the risk of an overdose, which can result in a coma and death.

You Have a Mental Illness

Self-medicating a mental illness can contribute to the continuous use of alcohol and substances. Use of the alcohol can actually worsen and trigger mental health symptoms. Treating this co-occurring condition is more complicated than just treating substance use alone. Both the alcohol addiction and mental health condition need to be treated. When treatment doesn’t tackle underlying mental health conditions, the chances of relapse go up.

You Have Unsuccessfully Tried to Quit on Your Own

Addiction is chronic and can be marked by periods of recovery and relapse. Many people try different methods to end use, but alcohol rehab may be necessary if you have tried to quit on your own and haven’t been successful. Rehab can provide the medication, attention, structure, safety, and stability needed to end addiction.

Addiction can get worse so it’s important to recognize the signs when it’s time to go to rehab.