Searching for A Filing Solution


There are websites that are not government agencies but a government filing services online that file and prepares government documents to assist you in both federal IRS and state document requirements. For instance, if you needed to prove your identity, you would prepare a birth certificate. If you needed to travel out of the United States, a passport might be necessary.  If you wanted to start your own business, and all you had was the idea, a legal structure, a corporation, or Limited Liability Corporation must be prepared to protect your idea.  These online filing sites all the research on the document that must be filed.

Birth Certificate

A birth certificate is a document that contributes to the Vital Records in your state of residence.    The reasons to obtain a copy of your birth certificate include seeking a new certificate, replacing a license, or purchasing a Certified copy of a certificate.   A certified copy contains a registrar’s raised, embossed, impressed seal, the registrar’s signature, and the date the document was filed.  A birth certificate cannot provide evidence of a valid identity.  Only   DNA, facial recognition, or fingerprints provides proof of valid identification.   A Certificate of Live Birth is provided when the mother’s birth takes place in a hospital.  This certificate is made part of the medical records and contains all the vital information of the child, including identification of the parent’s vital statistics.   However, this certificate does not replace a Certified Birth Certificate.

A Birth Certificate is often required:

  1. As proof of citizenship
    B.  For a Marriage License
    C.  To obtain a passport
    D.  General Identification
    E.   Registering for School to verify proof of age.
    F.  Youth sports need a certificate to prove age.
    G.  Driver’s license
    H.  To obtain a Social Security Card


A passport can also be obtained by government filing services online.  These filing sites prepare the DS-82 and passport renewal forms and mails the forms to you for your signature.  You then mail the signed documents to be processed by the appropriate government department.

Incorporations and LLC Formation    

In a Limited Liability Corporation or LLC, the business owner is not personally liable for any litigation related to the business, and the LLC has fewer formalities than a Corporation. The business owners of the LLC are referred to as members. The LLC members have tax advantages as compared to the Corporation. To start up an LLC, Articles of Organization, which are also called a Certificate of Organization, are filed. To commence a Corporation Articles of Incorporation are filed. The persons that start up the Corporation are referred to as directors-shareholders and in certain situations are personally liable for the debts of the Corporation.

Vital Records

Vital records can be ordered for the following states as determined by your birth state:

California birth certificate
Texas birth certificate
Florida birth certificate
Pennsylvania birth certificate
New York birth certificate