Is Massage Therapy A Career Path For You?


Massage therapy can be an extremely rewarding career for the right person. Usually, it is very affordable to attend massage school and students can count on getting done much quicker than any other college degree. Another perk to massage therapy is that many people find work a lot quicker, sometimes within just weeks. 

Most massage therapists also have expressed much higher job satisfaction. Most individuals that live in Florida can find a massage therapy school long beach if they are interested. It is very important to weigh both the pros and cons and decide then if massage therapy is the right path.

88% of survey respondents report that they felt either “very satisfied” or “satisfied” in massage therapy in a recent study that was made up of about 1,200 massage therapists. There were only 7% of therapists that selected “neither satisfied nor dissatisfied,” while the other 5% stated they were “dissatisfied. The type of working condition that a massage therapist works depends on many different factors. 

There are many massage therapists that are self-employed and work directly out of their homes. There are also many others that work out of private offices. Many set their own hours and decide which days they will be working. Many therapists find work in health clubs, physical therapist offices, and even massage studios.

For those that enjoy helping people, massage therapy will be a great field for them to work in. Helping clients is one of the perks. Many therapists enjoy being able to make a difference in another person’s life. 

Massage therapy is not just for relieving pain from injuries. It is also a great stress reliever. Individuals can also count on having job security through a career in massage therapy. Massage therapy has a demand that is steadily increasing. These jobs are expected to increase by at least 22% by the year 2028.

For those that enjoy being able to have a flexible schedule, massage therapy is perfect. Many individuals do not like having to report to a 9-5 schedule every day. Being able to maintain a great deal of independence is exciting to most people. Most massage therapists are also part-time giving them that flexibility to have another side job or gig.

 Massage therapists are also given the ability to secure more work that is steady as well as boost their income. This works for therapists that are either working through an employer or self-employed. Massage therapy gives therapists the ability to grow their clientele and switch up their services. They are able to specialize in a particular type of massage whether it be reflexology or sports therapy.

Best of all, massage therapy allows individuals to be their own boss. There are so many people in the world that can only imagine what being their own boss feels like. This is the career path that will allow anyone to do just that by being self-employed and opening their own business. 

Therapists will be able to gain a lot more control and much more happiness within their careers. Many therapists have reported that they are able to stay active physically by performing their jobs. Therapists have the perks of being able to constantly move their bodies compared to office workers that are mostly confined to a desk most of their day.

Even though there are many perks of becoming a massage therapist, individuals should be aware of the possibility of becoming burnt out physically, and the possibility of inconsistent income. Individuals can also find a massage therapy school long beach if they reside in the area for a rewarding career.