These Foot Conditions May Need the Doctor’s Attention


Foot pain is a common problem. Unfortunately, people tend to ignore it more than pain in other parts of the body. Considering a quarter of all the bones in the body are found in the foot and ankle the feet are very important. Plus they stabilize the body and make walking possible. Some medical issues in the feet are more than just aching feet. Some require a visit to a foot doctor in Georgia or where you live.


Ingrown Toenail

An ingrown toenail is when your nail grows into your skin. Ingrown toenails can happen to anyone but are especially common in athletes that use their feet, for example, a soccer player. They are also more common in elderly. Elderly might have trouble cutting their toenails properly. Treating this problem at home is common but the skin can become infected and inflamed. As the nail continues to grow deeper into the skin, a foot doctor will need to remove the nail in part or whole to avoid serious infection.


Hammertoes are very painful. It is caused by several reasons including ill-fitting shoes, an injury to the toe, pulled ligaments to name a few. A foot doctor can decide treatment by physically examining the foot and by taking an image of the foot with an x-ray. He will offer treatment options based on the exam which may include surgery but sometimes surgery is not necessary


A foot doctor in Georgia or other Southern states occasionally encounters a parasite in the foot. This parasite is called a hookworm. While it used to be a rampant problem, it is rarer now but can still happen. A tiny hookworm larva can bore its way into a person’s foot if they have gone barefoot outside. Once there the infected person may see a lesion that itches and is sore. It is important to bring this to the attention of a foot doctor in the early stages because as the worm grows it can travel to the intestines making the person very ill.


Any wound should be looked at by a foot doctor. Generally, these are caused by something simple as stepping on a nail or broken glass. Maybe the person’s foot has been injured in an accident of some kind. Foot wounds can become quite serious without care from an expert in foot care. Especially in those that are diabetic. Diabetics do not heal well or quickly, giving the wound time to fester and grow worse. The doctor needs to see the wound before it gets serious enough to cause amputation.

Swelling and Pain

Swelling and pain are the main two ways the body uses to say something is wrong or going wrong. It can be sudden or advance slowly but routinely. With feet and ankles. Sometimes the problem is because of specific problems with the feet. For instance, the common sprained ankle will cause swelling and pain. 

Other conditions like arthritis, and gout, bunions, and others tend to show up in the foot as well with swelling and pain in walking or standing. Other medical conditions such as high blood pressure do not originate in the feet but cause the ankles to swell. Foot doctors can rule out actual foot conditions giving the medical doctor more information when treating a patient with swelling and pain caused by other medical conditions

Taking care of the feet is just as important as any other health goal. Any pain or swelling or issues when walking require being seen no matter the condition.