Skylight, Roof light Or Roof Window – Know the Difference


Skylight is a term used by various manufacturers for different products, right from small scale domestic units that are installed on traditional roofs to larger glazed units which could be installed on terraces or flat roofs. This generic term could confuse various people and could differ drastically when it comes to application and function.

If you plan to install roof windows look for Velux Melbourne. Velux roof windows have various advantages and added functionalities that no other brand would offer. However, you could seek help from professionals to get the skylights or roof windows installed. 

The roof light is a generic term that could also mean various things but in general, it means a unit installed on a flat roof or a pitched roof. They are commonly installed with the help of a kerb system to support the product which would act as a surface for any weather issues to be fixed. It could be possible mostly on flat roof systems where the roof light would remain watertight. 

The Velux roof windows roof light has to be installed at a particular height to maintain the guarantees ensured by the manufacturers of waterproofing systems.

Roof windows should be installed in the same orientation with rope surrounding it ideally at a 15-degree pitch and weathered into the roof with the help of flashing. They are usually available in smaller sizes when compared to roof lights. Roof windows should be CE marked before they could be sold. Also, the manufacturers are expected to provide a declaration of performance (DOP) to advise how the unit would perform under test conditions. 

This would cover things like tests to stimulate the heavy rainfall and how the roof window withstands the increased air pressure and to monitor for possible air leakage to make sure that the product works well.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Roof windows are widely and popularly used and have been adopted by most home builders. They are reliable, robust and offer value for money. One of the main advantages of the standardized sizes and specifications means that they are easily available to buy ‘off the shelf’.

The disadvantage is the flexibility when it comes to scaling. If you look at the larger sections of the glazing provided on the roof, then the roof windows have no scope at all. Internally, roof windows have a visible framework that would look cluttered. Externally, on pitched roofs, they are designed to sit aligned with the plane of the roof that has pleasing clean lines. However, it would struggle to match well with the house. 

Roof lights for skylights are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, functions and specifications. You could easily open up the full roof with glass that would retract. It would also be safer to walk on the glass if it is installed on the terrace as it is made of stronger glass that could withstand the weight. The scope of roof lights is much broader. They are more expensive when compared to that roof windows due to the bespoke nature they have.