How to Get Cheaper Car Insurance



When you purchase your first car oftentimes you aren’t thinking about how you are going to get affordable auto insurance. Insurance is crucial and it is the law that you have it. Insurance is there in the event that you get into a car accident. Insurance helps pay for your damage to your car as well as the damage to any cars involved. If it was your fault. There are a few options for car insurance ranging from full coverage to liability. They also vary widely in cost. Here are a few things to consider when purchasing car insurance.


Oftentimes companies will offer a bundling program. When you see this be sure to take them up on it. It will almost always be cheaper than paying individual insurance plans. Bundling is when they cover your home and car in the same insurance plan. Bundling may also cover your home and motor bike or your home and renters insurance. Whatever you are in need of they often will bundle to keep your business.

Purchase the Right Car

Different cars are different to insure. A fast, expensive sports car is going to be significantly more expensive to insure than an older, slower foreign made car. So when you are looking at cars don’t buy a brand new super expensive car. Newer and fancier cars are more expensive to fix and therefore more expensive to insure.

Search Around

Don’t just agree to the first company that offers you car insurance. Different insurance companies will give you different deals on insurance. If you do have an insurance company that you like, still search around. If you find a better deal they will often match it in order to keep your business.

Drive Nicely

There are plenty of insurance companies that offer a driving discount. There is a little plug that you put into the port on your car and it monitors your driving. Then the better you drive the bigger the discount. Or they keep an eye on it and pay you a check every six months if you drive safely.


Utilize and ask about all the discounts offered. Many companies offer veterans discounts or student discounts. They also offer many other discounts that may not be as obvious. This is why you should always ask. Insurance companies aren’t always forthcoming with all of the discounts because they lose money. So be sure to always ask about every discount available. Also read all the information and packets that they give you so you are sure to get all the information.

Pay Bi-Annually

Insurance companies often offer you the option to pay insurance monthly. Which is good. But you may be able to get your insurance significantly cheaper if you pay ever six months. Then you have one larger payment. However, over the course of six months the total amount paid will be much more affordable auto insurance.

Cover the Essentials

Insurance companies may try to sell you plenty of other options on your insurance that you may not need. For example, triple A is a very common add on sale to insurance. But if you have a husband who is a mechanic then maybe you don’t need Triple A.


When it comes to car insurance there are a few simple ways to get yourself a better quote. Being sure to drive well can help you save with safe driver discounts. Avoiding accidents also saves you in the long run. Paying in one big chunk can save you lots over the course of the year. Make sure you aren’t being sold unneeded insurance. All of these things can add up to cheaper and sometimes better insurance options.