Everything you should know about Bulldog Derby 2020


Intrigued to know about the Bulldog derby 2020? Perfect! Your search has guided you to the right place.

This article is in detailed information about the ultimate Bulldog meet up of the year.

What is Bulldog derby?

Bulldog derby is the most unique and ultimate meet up where Bulldogs of different sizes, shapes, and age comes along to enjoy the breed. This event is undertaken to support local charities and bulldog rescue organization.

The money raised through this event is utilized to help local dog rescuers with adoption and giving retired racehorses the best life they deserve.

The main purpose of this mind-boggling event is to break the stereotypes of this breed and bring awareness through fun and entertainment.

When and where will THE BULLDOG DERBY 2020 take place?

2020 Bulldog derby will be held on January 18th, Saturday, at Santa Anita Park. This is the second bulldog derby in line.

The first inaugural derby was held on January 19th, 2019 at Santa Anita Park

Why should every Bulldog owner attend Bulldog Derby 2020?

This event is the celebration of bulldog breeds along with their owners. Here you will get to witness certain activities performed by bulldogs that would have been completely unthinkable from your end. It is safe, family-friendly, and an enjoyable day to spend with your pets.

If you are a Bulldog person, this may be the perfect place to make friends who share the same interests, and will also make a lot of friends too.

What should my Frenchie Dog wear to the Bulldog Derby?

The theme of the Bulldog Derby 2020 is a rose parade. Therefore dress your Frenchie dog in the most elegant and rose inspired attire. There are several places that offer custom made costumes for your pooch to help them look stylish and comfortable, just a way a human being wants to,.

In case you are not willing to invest much in the dress, get your pup French Bulldog Pajamas and enjoy the Bulldog derby to the fullest.

 Can my bulldog participate in The Bulldog Derby 2020?

Well, there are few limitations for bulldogs to participate in the derby:

  • Your Bulldog must be seven months older and younger than five years to participate in the derby. This age requirement is solely made due to the health and safety concerns of Bulldogs.
  • Your bulldog must be a pure-bred Britsh/ English Bulldog or a French Bulldog.


 The Bulldog Derby 2020 is the perfect place to test your pups’ limits and comforts. The ambience of the event will definitely make you feel excited and help you know a lot of things that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.  You Frenchie dog deserves a day dedicated to them specially, and there is no better day than Bulldog Derby Day.