Customized keychain can be a good option to promote your business?


Publicizing your brand and being present among customers and partners is one of the biggest needs of companies, regardless of their area of ​​expertise. One way to work on brand recall is through promotional gifts, which still have the benefit of pleasing and being useful to the public. There are many types of personalized gifts that can be offered – bags, pens, t-shirts, pins and buttons, magnets, miniatures and personalized Fur ball keychain. Even a simple Personalized Balloons pack or a key ring can have a quantifiable impact on your business growth in both direct and indirect terms. This last option still has the bonus of versatility, since key rings can have more than one function and can still be produced in different materials.

How to make custom key chains for your business?

Some steps must be followed to ensure the quality and originality of the products. As with other types of gifts, choosing the best keychain will depend on the purpose of the communication and relationship strategy. The manufacturing materials assign a more classic or modern tone depending on the combination of model and engraving forms. Here, we will see the three types of key chain materials – acrylic, metal and leather.

Custom Keychain Materials

Choosing the material well is one of the steps when it comes to customizing key chains. You have to consider the quality and appearance that the material will give to the final gift, after all the keychain is still a channel of promotion for your brand – which reinforces the importance of the material. Durability and strength are important factors in choosing the type of material, after all they are utilitarian parts for routine. The nobility of the materials also gives a classic air and can be used as an elegant gift. Materials such as acrylic or silicone allow the keychain to be in constant use without wearing.

Acrylic keychain

Acrylic is a type of plastic, very similar to glass but more expensive, sold in sheets of different thickness. Acrylic is up to 10 times more impact resistant than similar glass in size and, when broken, does not scatter shards and presents no scratches. The benefits of acrylic for the production of corporate gifts are durability and versatility.

Leather keychain

In this material the options are also varied. The usually synthetic leather is cut and sewn to the desired shape and can be combined with metal or acrylic pieces. As for the application of the brand, there is the possibility of receiving hot stamp or embroidery. Leather has a more rugged look and is interesting for traditional companies who want to convey an image of strength and confidence.

Metal keychain

The metal stands out for the production of personalized key chains precisely for its durability, appearance and the variety of applications and formats. With this material, the key rings can be flat or 3D, adding dimension to the gift. The metal keychain can be customized by applying the mark on engraving, laser printing, resin and adhesive. It is limited in color, receiving a gold, silver, bronze or other metallic color bath, but other applications such as enamel or resin may be used to achieve the desired result.