New Trends In Decoration


LED lighting, already known for the energy savings it provides and for its durability. But today, it is now the absolute protagonist of the new trends in housing decoration.

Led Lighting Outside:

Terraces And Gardens

LED lighting for terraces and gardens combines elegance and safety (low voltage and low temperature).

LED lights are perfect for illuminating entryways or stairs (waterproof LED strips, special LED lights for stairs, or LED lights for floors ). Ideal for highlighting the decorative elements (outline flower pots, tree trunks). But also to create chill-out spaces with lights of colors and quiet atmospheres (LED ribbon or RGB LED bulbs). Also getting a good design for your decoration at this website will help make your work wonderful.


If you like to enjoy the summer, you already know that in recent years, LED lights for swimming pools are in fashion. The LEDs for swimming pools, approved with IP68 waterproofing protection, make it possible to change the color of the water, giving elegance and personality to the outdoor environments of the house in complete safety!

Led Lighting In Interiors:

Cabinets And Dressing

The trend this year is to illuminate the interior of furniture. By installing LED ribbons or small LED downlights, we create a warm atmosphere while improving the functionality of our home. LEDs occupy little space, consume little energy, and do not emit heat.


LED lighting opens up new possibilities for creating original atmospheres adapted to our mood. The installation of a LED strip at the head of the bed, under the bed or cornice, gives privacy to a minimalist and modern space.


 The showers or baths lit with LEDs are one of the most original novelties. We can use the LEDs to give a touch of style to our contemporary bathroom. It is important to choose an LED strip with a silicone sheath, with an IP67 degree of protection.


Special waterproof LED strips for floors or stairs are another trend in the decoration sector. They are very practical as lights in areas of passage. And thanks to their low consumption. And with their long life, we can leave these lamps on for hours without worrying about the electricity bill.