10 of the Best Bounty Hunters in the Star Wars Universe


Once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away, lived bounty hunters so skilled that beings from across multiple galaxies shivered at the names of these bounty hunters. 

They may not be your typical bounty hunters connected with a bail bonds service from Summit County, UT or Providence, RI but these ruthless beings are definitely ones you don’t want to cross or mess with ever in life. 

While we wait for October 2020 for season 2 of Jon Favreau’s The Mandalorian on Disney+, we would like to give you all a rundown of who the meanest and badest bounty hunters are in the entire Star Wars universe. 

10 Bounty Hunters You Don’t Wanna Mess with in the Star Wars Universe

  1. IG-88

This lethal droid is a force to be reckoned with. It is known to be one of Darth Vader’s go-to bounty hunters. It has gone after some of the galaxy’s most sought-after targets including Qi’ra, Crimson Dawn, Princess Leia, and Han Solo. 

  1. Jango Fett

Jango’s name and reputation struck fear into the hearts of all races especially when he bested six Jedi in a fight using only his bare hands. During his time as a bounty hunter, he was known to be the best in the galaxy, which is why he became the prototype used for the Empire’s clone troopers. 

  1. Asajj Ventress

She is no ordinary bounty hunter, having been trained by the Nightsisters, the Sith, and the Jedi at different times in her life. She was killed by her former master, Count Dooku, and was honored by the Jedi Council for her selflessness and sacrifice. 

  1. Embo

The Kyuzo bounty hunter rarely talks. He would much rather let his actions speak for himself. He is fast, unpredictable, highly agile, and very skilled with various weapons, especially his shield-hat.

He has gone toe-to-toe with some of the most powerful beings in the galaxy such as Savage Opress, Darth Maul, and Anakin Skywalker, among others. 

  1. Bossk

Bossk has been around for quite some time now. Threatening and menacing, he is one of the galaxy’s most in-demand bounty hunters ever since the Clone Wars. At one point in his life, he was a mentor to Boba Fett. 

  1. Aurra Sing

Aurra Sing is known as a sharpshooter and deadly assassin with little conscience and cold-hearted nature. She was known to have been one of Boba Fett’s mentors in his early years who showed him what killer instinct means in their line of work.

  1. Black Krrsantan

Black Krrsantan, a disgraced Wookie, is reputed to be among the most elite bounty hunters across several galaxies rivaled only by the legendary Boba Fett. He once almost defeated Jedi master Obi-Wan Kenobi.

  1. Boba Fett

When one thinks of bounty hunters in the Star Wars universe, the first name that usually comes to mind is Boba Fett. He is an exact clone of Jango Fett, who raised him up as his own son. He is known to be one of the most notorious bounty hunters in the galaxy. 

His feather-in-the-cap? Capturing Han Solo and selling him to Jabba the Hut for a handsome price, a feat no other bounty hunter has ever done. 

  1. Cad Bane

When Jango Fett died, Cad Bane rose to the top of the best-bounty-hunters-list, being the only one to steal a Holocron from Coruscant’s Jedi temple. 

Cold. Calculating. Dangerous. No-nonsense. Deadly. Cad Bane is the most effective bounty hunter Star Wars has ever seen.

  1. Din Djarin

The Mandalorian, or Mando to his friends, is still a mysterious figure in the Star Wars saga. He’s deadly, is very adept with all kinds of weapons, is ruthless towards droids, and will eliminate anyone or anything that gets in his way. 

Bonus: The Child

Affectionately known as Baby Yoda, The Child’s race and identity have yet to be confirmed, as well as his connection to the beloved Jedi Master, Yoda. 

At only 50-years young, The Child has seen more battle than your average Imperial trooper and can already use the Force effectively. While much remains to be seen involving this toddler, he already has the makings of a fine bounty hunter. 

The Mandalorian’s lore is rich with stories about crime, punishment, and bounty hunting the Star Wars way. We can’t wait for how things will unfold in the next season.