Empower your career path with a Job-Oriented Training program from HCL!


Grabbing and securing a job can tough in countries having a developing economy. The cut-throat competition challenges each person, but if you manage to gain an edge over your peers, you can swiftly get the high-paying jobs in the market. 

Short-term job oriented training program can help you get that new caliber that’ll make you stand out in the sea of folks seeking jobs. It would be best if you chose what you wish to learn, and they’ll equip you with the latest skills. For amateurs, these job-oriented training programs are like an ice-breaking session to learn a lot more about the industry you take an interest in.

Why Opt for Job-Oriented Courses?

These programs provide you with an edge over your competition. You are allowed to take control of your learning journey through these strategized courses. 

Some other advantages:

  • Get High-Paying Jobs: With an excellent skillset in hand, you can grab high-paying jobs. Companies look for talented employees for technical roles.
  • Hands-on Knowledge: A short term job-oriented training program from a reputed and reliable provider, will open opportunities for you to try out hands-on live projects. This knowledge will help you find out your statue in the market and know its weaknesses.
  • Unlock More Opportunities: Learning a brand-new skill, you open up more career opportunities. Your perspective broadens, and you can explore sectors you couldn’t think about applying to. 

Job-oriented training programs are short-term courses that aide fresher to get the experience needed to enter professional industries. 

If you plan to have a career in a fast-growing industry like Information technology, then taking a job-oriented training program would be very beneficial. HCL has introduced HCL TechBee- HCL’s Early Career Program. It is a work-integrated learning program that understands the needs of the millennial generation and offers a program that is a perfect amalgamation of a top-quality engineering job and an opportunity to pursue graduation from India’s best technical institutions.

HCL TechBee has been designed by HCL, and focuses on providing 12 months of employment-oriented training to class XII completed students. They also receive a fixed stipend during the training period. Upon successful completion of the training, candidates can seek full-time employment opportunities with HCL Technologies. While working with HCL Technologies, candidates are free to pursue higher education along with work. HCL has collaborated with BITS Pilani and SASTRA University for integrated BCA/MCA or work-integrated B.Sc&M.Sc/M.Tech.

HCL TechBee- HCL’s Early Career Program’s path is designed to facilitate the freshers and provide them an early-stage benefit. Over the five years, the students have perks of four years of professional experience in their resume and an academic degree. The trainees of this HCL TechBee program start their careers in job roles like Application & Software Development, Design Engineer, and Infrastructure Management Support.

During the 12-month training program, the candidates undergo:

  • Foundation Training Program: Technical Foundation Training to prepare candidates for technology/domain training.
  • Technology/Domain Training: Stream specific training to ensure students can perform tasks about a specific role.
  • On-the-job training: The program trainees will work on live global projects for 3 to 6 months. This gives them exposure to the client environment and prepares them for the job roles they’ll be assigned.

HCL has designed a course structure for the whole program, and the candidates receive all the study materials for the training program. The students have access to best-in-class Learning Management System, an online system that fosters learning with peer-based discussions, assignments, online assessments, and case-based studies.

The classroom training sessions are conducted at assigned training centers for the location. After completing the course, candidates will be placed in IT engineer job-development/testing/support roles.

After the successful completion of the program, candidates will get:

  • A job with HCL Technologies.
  • Get relevant job certifications.
  • Opportunity to pursue work integrated higher education (BCA & MCA from SASTRA University or work-integrated B.Sc. & M.Sc./M.Tech from BITS, Pilani).
  • All others benefit that a regular employee gets post-employment.

With all the benefits listed, such programs are golden opportunities for freshers seeking employment!