Best Counter-Depth Refrigerators of 2020, Tested by Kitchen Appliance Experts


A counter-depth refrigerator is a killer looking kitchen and dining room cold storage product having plush cabinets. The modern, stylish and sturdy fridge is available in several variants that we will discuss through, especially the best counter-depth refrigerators of 2020, tested by kitchen appliance experts.

Frigidaire Refrigerator

The frigidaire counter refrigerator has customizable storage options and has shelves that flip up or slide under for keeping taller items. You can keep the crispers side by side or stack it. The product has an adjustable divider in the freezer. The frigidaire gallery’s temperature, efficiency, and noiseless ability make everyone want to have it after the first gaze. The only issue one hears about it that its ice maker makes less ice. Overall this product has spacious counters and interiors with a fingerprint-resistant finish, unlike stainless steel.

French Door Refrigerator

The French door counter depth refrigerator is a good investment as it holds 20 plus bags of groceries at once. The stainless steel finished refrigerator has a vast capacity. It has a smart cooling system that controls the temperature levels for keeping the food fresh for a long time. There is a built-in water and ice dispenser inside for you to fill up your water bottles and have as much ice as possible. Also, the model has a fresh air filter for keeping it deodorized for six months.

Panel Door Refrigerator

The panel-ready door refrigerator has a freezer, interior water dispenser with filter and EveryDrop ice maker. The model has interior-smart controls, door alarm, a holiday/Sabbath and a max fresh mode. Its ExtendFresh management system adjusts the temperature in the fridge and freezer after sensing the weather automatically. Also, adjustable are its shelves that come with Spill Control to move them around.

Top Mount Freezer Refrigerator

The top mount counter refrigerator is suitable for small-sized homes or apartments. The stainless steel finish model has a separate freezer with independent electronic controls. There is a large-sized crisper inside having a glass cover. It has adjustable shelves with much space for storage. The door hinges are reversible that do not open in any particular direction. Also, the top mount counter refrigerator has interior LED lights that give visibility all the time.

Solar Powered Refrigerator

The energy-efficient, tiny and compact counter refrigerator is the solar-powered fridge featuring a solar panel, battery and 15 amp solar charge controller. It has a small freezer that does the primary job of cooling stuff.

Twin Cooling French Door Refrigerator

French door fridges are popular because of their styles and modern finishes of stainless steel. The features include an automatically filtered ice maker, twin Cooling System for keeping food fresh for extended periods. The model has a handle on the freezer for easy opening. There are two humidity-controlled crispers inside the fridge. And tempered glass shelves for easy cleaning up of the spills. The model has a built-in door alarm that makes you aware of the freezer/fridge door left open. It’s brilliant LED lighting shows what all is inside the fridge and freezer.

Quad French Door Refrigerator

The French door counter refrigerator designs are in plenty. The one talked about right now is the Quad French Door Freezer Refrigerator, i.e. a cold storage product with four doors and a freezer. The model supports a great family stay. It has quick cooling and freezing options that allow the food to receive air all the time. The Sabbath mode in the fridge goes in line with the practices of Shabbat. Also, there is a Dedicated High-Humidity Controlled Crisper with HCS Filter that handles fruits and vegetables with a perfect temperature. The product components include two sliding freezer drawers, adjustable tempered glass shelves, six enclosed door bins and four sliding bins.