Why You Should Go For A Popcorn Fundraiser


The smell of fresh popcorn is usually one to look forward and nothing beats it. It is one of those things you would not know you want until touch one across where it is being made, smell that freshly cooked smell and start craving for it. A popcorn fundraiser is just going to be like this. The smell of fresh popcorn would have you craving for some. This is why a popcorn fundraiser is certain to make money from its fundraising event. There are many other ideas to choose from when deciding what you would want to focus mainly on for your fundraising event but choosing popcorn is helpful. The reason is that pop if very easy to make, all you need is a proper popcorn machine or you can use your gas cooker. It depends on what you have available. Also, the ingredients you would use to make popcorn are not expensive and are easy to find. You don’t have to break the bank when you are setting up a popcorn fundraising event. Another reason why popcorn fundraisers are the best is that you would gain serious amounts of cash and you don’t have to spend so much money.

The best way to raise money with popcorn is brochure fundraising.  To do this, you simply have your customers fill out order forms, and a fundraising company like Fundraising Zone will handle the rest, mailing your customers the product and handling the customer service.  All you need to do is sell your popcorn and collect your money.

If you want to cook the popcorn, you would need a pot with a lid so that you would prevent the popcorn from falling off.

To keep the popcorn warm, use a container that you can leave on the stove. Use it to keep the popcorn inside the pot warm.

To season the popcorn, it totally up to you. It is advisable to mix the seasoning up as some love popcorn with sugar while some love there popcorn with salt. Doing both would give more customers.

Buying a popcorn machine is yet another way you can make money for your popcorn fundraiser. There are different types of popcorn machines with different models but most models come with a metal kettle where the popping of the popcorn begins and a clear glass that helps the popcorn stay warm. There are plenty of companies that sell popcorn machine and the price ranges from $400-600. This might look like a lot of money but when you start earning profits, you would be satisfied. You can look for a person that is interested I’m renting your popcorn machine for your fundraiser and discuss a fixed price and how much you would collect at the end of the day. A lot of groups would high your machine if you set a reasonable and fair amount such as church groups, sports groups, music groups, private parties, etc.

The more you hire your machine out, the more you earn money and you might get the money you used to buy the machine back in double. To achieve this, you would need to advertise your services so that more people would be aware of.

Popcorn Fundraiser Program Promises The Following:

  • High earnings

You could earn up to 50% on every sale you make. This does not include your shipping fee. The good news is that the money is all yours and so you can do whatever you intended to do with the money. The more sales you make, the more money you wake.

  • Delicious popcorn

Passing by a popcorn stand and inhaling the rich smell of fresh popcorn is enough to make someone want to buy and if it is delicious, they keep big and inviting people to buy.

  • You are sure of rich and healthy products

Using real ingredients with no harmful chemicals would make your popcorn attractive to family members’ as it is healthy for human consumption. Buy products that are more natural than artificial ones. You are also certain of value and reasonable pricing. You would not have to spend excessively on a bag of popcorn. The price rates would be affordable so that you can e joy the popcorn.