Your Guide To Convincing The Elders In Your Family For A Digital Upgradation Of Family Business


Having been in the family business, you must obey the senior members’ opinion for the betterment of the business. You can’t deny the fact that their experience counts a lot.

But the young blood is equally vital since they are familiar with the modern tools and technology which are immensely helpful for the growth. You are aware that the usage of computers, the internet and associated software can take growth to the next level.

Digital transformation was once not in the ‘must’ list even for the corporate sectors. They understood that digitalization is useful for the business, but it was not their top priority. It used to be in their ‘next year’ agenda.

Today’s scenario is no longer like that. You know that digital upgradation is inevitable for the well being of the business. Maybe you are also struggling with the elders in your family to convince them about the need for digital transformation.

Our experience says that most of the older adults are unwilling to use computers and the internet for any job related to business, especially for financial transaction. For instance, advance payment for placing an order of anything, tax payment or utility bill payment.

You may find it difficult to convince them initially. Don’t give up. Illustrate the necessity of digitalization to get connected both with the suppliers and the customers in this fast world. Here are a few tips on how you can encourage them to get familiar with the current system.

Follow these simple steps to make your elders adapt to the new digital system.

Impactful Training

You and other young members can build a training program for the older generation. Systematic training will eliminate their fear and doubts about it. If required, also include the other aged employees of the firm in training to build up trust in the digital world.

Make them aware that the money transaction system is secure as they are supported by security software.

Start the training from level zero and don’t expect quick learning. Always keep in mind that the age factor is not favourable to pick a completely new environment fast. So, make it slow but regular. They will become comfortable gradually.

Link the Digital Transformation with the All-Round Business Growth

Tell them how digital technology is linked to every aspect in modern times. Share some instances where the turnover has increased multiple times after using computers and internet technology. Mention the names of medium and small firms along with the industry giants.

Explain that the advantages are not limited to a certain sector. All the departments are getting benefited by using it. Elaborate to them how you will also be able to maintain the transparency and speed up the growth.

Describe the digital possibilities and how the government is also focusing on going digital. GST is the new taxation system of India for goods and services. You can register as an individual or a firm under GST for submitting the business details, tax payment and claiming returns through the internet.

From the website you can get the particular GST bill format you require. Since this is a complex system, there are many online organizations such as Khatabook to help you out in any tax-related issues.

As per the new GST rule, as a registered dealer, you have to produce the invoice for all transactions consisting of the details of the goods and services you have provided. Based on all those invoices, your tax will be calculated. There are several free GST billing software using which you can create an invoice in just a few clicks. This is fast, hassle-free and paperless.

Encourage Them to Get Connected Anytime, Anywhere.

Teach them how this will help both the owners and employees to remain connected online or offline through mobile devices (phones, laptops, tablets) anytime irrespective of their location.

Due to this connectivity, they will be updated with all official information. This will break down the uneasiness of the aged people about the system and keep them updated with the useful company information.

The more they will get used to the new environment, the more they will realize its utility for the overall growth. They will reach the goal quicker than they did while following the conventional system. The development of the business indicates a prospective career path for everyone attached to it. This will create job satisfaction unquestionably.

Enable the Virtual Work Environment

The senior persons need more freedom in the workplace to maintain good health physically and mentally. They may not feel comfortable at the office desk every day. The digital system supports virtual workplace so that they can work from any location.

Even if they are not physically present in the office, they can connect to the other team members and work accordingly through their mobile devices.

The introduction of virtual work environment has changed the traditional concept of office. Ask the elders to use today’s tools to work from anywhere they feel comfortable.

This kind of freedom will increase their productivity too. This will ensure that they are going to be with the company longer to enrich the organization with their experience accumulated over the years.

Utilize the Efficiency and Experience of the Senior Members

When you provide them with the new age tools to work conveniently, you are not only strengthening the business, but you are also empowering them. You are making them feel valued in the firm, which will inspire them to work with optimal capability.

The new-age tools will provide them with an easy to access platform to obtain data and insights they need to work on. They will be more agile with the work. You will see the feeling of fulfilment on their faces and can utilize their profound knowledge.

As an entrepreneur, nobody knows better than you how precious their understanding and experience are for determining the future path of the company. To invest their deep wisdom towards your company, building an effective training program is the most crucial factor.