Why cone sleeves are important for every ice cream shop


Cone sleeves are one of the most important things when it comes to the ice cream shops. There is no shop that can survive in the market without having the cone sleeves and without selling some cones in the market. Not only the kids, but the cones are the favourite of adults as well.

Ice cream shops are not considered business but instead a small shop that sells cold happiness. The most favourite treat is of course the cone ice cream. It is easy to eat, does not create a lot of mess and the best part it the bottom cone which can then be eatern later.

There are multiple reasons to love the cones but only a few to not like it. Those reasons can include the hygiene reasons and getting all messy while eating it. These problems can then be very easily resolved by using the cone sleeves on the cones. They would be used to cover the cones from touching the hands who are preparing or passing them. It would also cover hold the melted ice cream for a little while so you can cover your hands or take some precautions.

In order to get the best cone sleeves in market, you have to note different things.

Printing your cone sleeves

In order to print your cone sleeves, you have to bring the theme of the ice cream in the cones. No matter how many different flavours of ice cream you are selling in the market, you have to create a cone design specifically for them. Until your cone designs are not exact, you will not be making pitching the correct idea on the people about your product.

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You need to be pretty cautious while you are printing out your cone sleeves. If you are not sure what to do or how to do it, you can seek help from the local market designers. Since they have been doing it since a long time, they are already pretty sure how to properly create some proper cone sleeves. They can add the designs to your sleeves that no one else can.

Try to come up with something unique every time and do not just stick to the traditional designs. The ones that have been already used up, do not go after and chasing them and instead, create something new.

Printing text

After you have designed your cone sleeves, the next step it adding text to them. Not all of the designs will allow you to add any text on them. If you are not using any kind of chemicals in your ice creams, you may not mention anything on the cone sleeves. But, it is still necessary that you at least print the logo of your company or your shop on your cone sleeves.

You can pick one point that seems the best to you and print your logo there. Make sure that it is prominent enough to be seen by anyone that is passing by another person holding your product. If you want to add the ingredients and add some text on your designs, you might have to leave some area clear for them in designing phase itself.

Not all of the designs are going to promote it but it is sometimes necessary to add the text and descriptions along with the ingredients. This does not only help your customers know your products better but they also build trust. They will be well aware of everything that you are using in your ice cream by just taking a look at the cone sleeve.

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