What Colors Are For Valentine’s Day?


Valentine will be the most romantic day of the year globally. People went to spend their time doing romantic things all day long. Generally, they’ll be doing a couple of things like dating, candlelight dinner, staycation, go to movies, take a walk, or even just romantically sitting in the city park. The most activity that people do on Valentine’s day is giving each other gifts. Furthermore, the gift they will remember first when valentine comes is only two things: flowers and chocolate.

Romantic things are identical with one color, adorn Singapore for a long Valentine’s day. Yes! Red is a must to celebrate valentine. Color has no gender. Everybody is allowed to wear any color, including red. Especially because it is about Valentine’s day in Singapore. Alternatively, red has its derivative color like pink from red that is amalgamated with white, and purple from red that is amalgamated with blue.

Flower with red varieties

We told you above that the best Valentine’s gifts are flowers and chocolate. We just listed flowers that are appropriate for Valentines day flowers Singapore in red.

in red.

  1. Lily. Lily was a gorgeous flower that could grow in any situation. Lily has a pretty color in their species, that is pink lily.
  2. Rose. Everybody in this entire world definitely knew the most popular rose is the red rose. Red rose is also the best flower given in Valentine’s day flower Singapore.
  3. Gerbera. Gerbera has red and pink petals varieties that are pretty sweet. It probably tells the cheerful impression on Valentine’s day.
  4. Tulip. There is nothing bad inside the tulips bouquet. The same with gerbera, the tulip has pink and red varieties.

Those are several kinds of red flowers. In the same way, those flowers could be used as the main flowers on Valentine’s day flowers Singapore’s bouquet. You are also allowed to put other flowers that are smaller for an additional choice. There are lavender, wheat, baby’s breath, dusty miller, astilbe, and baby lily.

The fact is, in society, red flowers only symbolize the love for people with their couple. People who are not always a couple also want to show love for the mate. Everybody loves someone. To solve this problem, we can use other colors. Those main flowers need to be other than red. For example, use yellow for long-lasting best friends, orange to encourage someone, white for parents, and many more.

Matched Color With Red and Pink Outfit for Valentine

White. It is the color for any couple’s color. White would look like a match with red. If you want to go on a day, it’s pretty good to wear a red skirt and a white t-shirt. Also don’t forget to put your red hairpin on.

The white t-shirt as an inner also looks cute when you match it with a pink slip dress. Hang your pink sling bag with. It is not a formal outfit but might impress your partner.

Grey. An overall grey skirt looks fit on a pink t-shirt. Pretty simple for a special valentine’s day. To make it be a formal look, wear long grey pants and match them with the loose pink shirt. Take the high heels on your toe.

The grey inner also fits if you want to wear the suit. Of course, the suit should be a pink one. These outfits look pretty cute and mature at the same time. Ponytail to emphasize your face if you have long hair.

Blue. The blue or denim color really suits the pink sweater. The clothes will impress the cuteness. As an additional choice, you can wear a belt.

Black. To give a mature impression, the red dress is the sexiest. Match that dress with the black leather jacket. Below pair it up with the black boot heels on. Red lipstick on your lips causes the valentine to be red.

If you just want to wear one color of red or pink, it is a good choice too. The thing you need to remember is to wear everything you are comfortable with. If you do not feel comfortable with the recommendation above, just don’t do that. Wear any clothes that you hardly love to see in your own body.

Why Red?

Red sounds a really special color because everything becomes red for only one day a year. The question is, why could red stand for love on valentine’s day? Besides its history, red is the most expensive color. In-country of fashion, France, the most favorite color of the rich is red.

Ironically, Japan and Italy forbid ordinary citizens to wear any red stuff. We are also full of red when it comes to the lunar new year. Chinese believed that red is the color of luck. In Nepal and Hindi, the bride that wears a red sari will be lucky.

Our blood is also red. It means red runs throughout our bodies and makes us keep alive. If the color of love is red, then our body is full of love. But not only a symbol of love, red also has much significance.

Wearing red would make someone get more interested. Not only about love, but it is also about desire. That’s one of the few reasons why valentine’s day is full of red. These days, red means double when it turns into emotion. When you fall in love, your cheeks get red. Moreover, when you are angry, your cheeks turn red too. Also, when you are embarrassed, your cheeks turn red again.

It is not surprising when a special day as Valentine is identically about red. It is because red could stand for many good things and has deep meaning. The characteristic of red is everything. So, wear anything red for everything you mean, the clever one always could guess the right meaning. Above, we told you that color has no gender. It purposes red is gender-neutral.