Facebook or Instagram: Which one is better for marketing?


Whenever it comes to social media marketing, there has always been a confusion between Facebook and Instagram. Marketers are often confused regarding which platform to choose for social media marketing. 

Facebook, being much older than Instagram, has the highest number of active users. Facebook is often regarded as the biggest social media platform. It is also continuously evolving and adopting new strategies to develop itself. However, Instagram is also no less. It is one such platform which has been exponentially growing since its birth. This makes Instagram the fastest growing social media platform.

There are billions of users on both Facebook and Instagram. This makes it even more difficult for marketers to make a choice between Facebook and Instagram. You can also get likes and followers on both Instagram and Facebook. If you are confused regarding how to get more likes on social media platforms, you may visit Famoid.

Here, in our article, we are going to draw a comparison between Instagram and Facebook based on various factors. We will also help you to understand which platform you should choose and for what purpose.

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Active users: The number of active users on Facebook is much more than that of Instagram. So, when it comes to popularity, Facebook is ahead of Instagram. However, the growth of Instagram is also quite strong. Everyday, thousands of new users are joining Instagram. It is also a popular choice among the customers especially if you want to increase user engagement. It is also being predicted that within a few years, the number of active users on Instagram is going to surpass that of Facebook.

Target audience: A big difference between Facebook and Instagram lies in its target audience. Both these platforms focus on different target audiences. If you are a teenager or a young adult ,you would be more interested in Instagram. Over 90% of Instagram users are below 30 years of age. Hence, if you are a brand selling products and services to the younger generations, then you must focus on Instagram. That is why Instagram is flooded with brands related to beauty, travelling, food and fitness. 

Facebook is especially popular among the millennials. The corporate sectors are mainly dependent on Facebook for conducting surveys and releasing important information. So, Facebook is the platform for mature content. Also, you may delete your facebook account whenever you want to. You can follow our blog if you wish to know how to delete facebook permanently.

Functionally: Before building a profile on Facebook or Instagram, you need to understand each of their functionalities. You need to know how exactly businesses use Facebook and Instagram for marketing purposes. Instagram is considered to be a platform for showcasing your visual content and Facebook is considered to be a platform for sharing important information. However, the actual story is much different. Today, you can even share important information on Instagram and Facebook can also be used for posting visual content. So, we can say that both these platforms function in a similar way but if your website is more about visual content, then it is always better to opt for Instagram.

Style of content: The content style is different for both Facebook and Instagram. Instagram is mainly the destination for visual content. So, if your band promotes lifestyle, fashion, beauty, health and fitness, then Instagram is the place for you. These Industries can easily be promoted by videos and photographs. Instagram will help you to post eye-catching content with various patterns and filters. Facebook is a better choice when you wish to post textual content. There, you will find audiences of all ages. So, there is no rule that you will only have to post visual content. However, in Facebook, you need to put additional efforts in generating content for all age groups.

Campaigns:  Both Instagram and Facebook allow you to run reliable campaigns. You will be able to create and analyze paid campaigns. There are multiple tools available using which you can start your campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. So, when it comes to campaigns, we can say that both these platforms are equally powerful. A campaign’s success largely depends on the type of content you publish on your platform. So, no matter which platform you are using, if your content is not upto the mark, you will never get proper success.

So, this was all about Facebook and Instagram. Popular brands like amazon.com use both these platforms for promoting their products. However, irrespective of the type of platform you choose, if you have proper vision and a strong marketing strategy, your brand will definitely perform well.