Which sex toy to choose? Easy Choices for You


Depending on the goal, the answer will not always be the same. Certain criteria come into play systematically in the choice of a sextoy, whatever the category of accessories concerned. In particular the material of which it is made, which must respect your body. Phthalates, as well as other toxic components like mineral oils, are to be avoided.

Which sex toy to choose?

Let’s say that we only consider accessories which fulfill a certain number of basic points in terms of quality. That still leaves us with a wide range of possibilities.

This first selection made what type of Sex Toy to target? It all depends on what you want:

What criteria should be favored?

The power of vibrations. This is the most important point.

The noise level: the ultra-powerful vibrators are noisy. Normal, they vibrate strongly. But some still make more noise than others.

Power supply: some of them are connected to the mains. This is often synonymous with ultra-nag vibrations, but this creates some technical constraints: especially no water nearby, having to masturbate near a socket, the wire.

Some tests on this subject

Wire line: Europe Magic Wand, Doxy Massager, Tokidoki x Lovehoney unicorn vibro.

Wireless: LELO Smart Wands, Medium and Large versions, or the Lovehoney Mantric magic wand vibrator.

  • A clitoral stimulator enveloping the clitoris
  • Aspirating clitoral vibros

What criteria should be favored?

The power of suction and pulsation:

Certain enveloping clitoral Sex Toys, such as the Womanizer or the Satisfier, aspirate the clit while diffusing pulsations there. All of this, with varying degrees of intensity depending on the model.

Others, like Lela’s Sonar Cruise, are content to pulsate in a localized, but very strong way.

There, everything depends on the sensitivity of your clit. It is very variable, from one anatomy to another. For some women, it will be necessary to take care that the machine does not go too strong there, under penalty of discomfort. While others will be bored with a too soft aspirating vibrator.

Some tests on this subject

Suction and pulsating vibrators: the Womanizer Liberty, the Satisfier Pro 2.

Sonic pulsates: the Loan Sonar or Sonar Cruise.

Clitoral orgasms taking your time

A classic vibe

A vibrator whose vibrating area can easily be brought into contact with the clitoris.

Lela Ina 2 and Sire 2

What criteria should be favored?

Avoid still too weak vibrations: on the clitoris, weak vibrations are ineffective.

A soft or very soft material is generally more pleasant.

If you like to gradually increase the sensations, choose a vibrator equipped with a potentiometer. Unfortunately, this kind of detail is rarely indicated in the description of a sex toy when you go to buy it, but this is a criterion not to be overlooked.

Some tests on this subject

  • Minis: the Touch of Us Vibe, the LELO Mia 2,
  • Heating: the Woolier Heat,
  • In the shape of an animal: the Dolly Dolphin or the Patchy Paul from Fun Factory.
  • G-spot stimulation
  • A curved sex toy
  • A vibrator or a curved dildo, or the end of which is curved.