When Should You Contact a Priest Abuse Law Firm?


You should contact a priest abuse law firm as soon as you are able to. This time will vary for every abuse survivor, because everyone processes and comes to grips with the crime of sexual abuse differently. This is a process that cannot be rushed for many people, but unfortunately for survivors, the “clock may be ticking” depending on where you live.

The statute of limitations varies from state to state. If too many years have passed since the time when your abuse occurred, the legal system may not be amenable to hearing your case. For many years, abusive priests have been able to escape justice due to the arbitrary time limit running out. Due to public outcry, however, many states are reexamining and, in some cases, extending the statute of limitations. This is being done specifically to benefit victims of Catholic priest abuse scandal, as well as the Boy Scouts of America scandal which is just beginning to surface.

The reason why you should contact a priest abuse law firm as soon as you can is because the legal process itself takes time, and because of the statute of limitations. The sooner you talk to a skilled priest abuse attorney, the better the chances are that you will see a good outcome in the pursuit of justice.

Priest abuse cases can be especially difficult, because the crimes often happened years ago when the victim was a child. Memories fade and unfortunately, there is usually no physical evidence preserved from decades ago that can be presented to a judge and jury. This doesn’t mean your case is hopeless, however. Many victims have been able to face their accusers and receive compensation for the crimes committed against them, thanks to the help of a priest abuse law firm.