Is Lipozene Dangerous and Does It Work?


Are you considering using the supplement, Lipozene, to lose weight? If so, there are some facts you need to consider and information of which you must be aware. It is never a good idea to consume any new dietary supplement without conducting research first.


Lipozene is a dietary supplement that is marketed as a product for losing weight and reducing body fat. The only active ingredient is a dietary fiber called Glucomannan that has been extracted from the Asian konjac plant. According to the various forms of advertising, Glucomannan provides a feeling of fullness; this makes it beneficial for those who suffer from obesity and diabetes. These claims about Glucomannan have popularized Lipozene as not only a dietary supplement but a weight-loss pill. Another claim is that Glucomannan has the ability to absorb 50x more water than its own weight. The component is a soluble fiber which humans are unable to digest.

How Glucomannan Works

Because the body is unable to digest Glucomannan it can make a person feel full even with a reduction in the number of calories. Another property of the Glucomannan that makes it popular for weight loss is its ability to form a gel in the stomach and decrease the time necessary for food to leave the stomach and pass through the intestines.

Does Lipozene Work?

Unfortunately, as of this date there have been no scientific studies conducted on Lipozene. This is a fact that is in direct conflict with the claims the manufacturer made claiming they used sales data that was published from 2013-2018. They claimed to use research on the konjac plant and Glucomannan to support their claims.

Those who are interested in using Glucomannan can find many natural sources of the ingredient such as gum, Glucomannan, and flour all made from the konjac plant. The ingredient can be purchased as tablets, capsules, granules, and drink mixes.

What the Public Says


  • May promote weight loss
  • May help keep blood sugar levels in the normal range
  • May help keep cholesterol levels in a healthy range
  • May help reduce incidents of constipation


  • None of the trials tested Lipozene ingredients itself; they only tested Glucomannan
  • How effective the product is depends upon the composition of the extract used
  • Can cause choking if an individual doesn’t drink sufficient water
  • Blood pressure or sugar levels could drop to dangerous levels
  • Not safe for pregnant or lactating women
  • Some supplements are unsafe and could contain toxic ingredients
  • Could reduce the benefits of sulfonylurea drugs
  • Might cause antidiabetic medications to work too well


While there is no evidence to provide actual dangers associated with the use of Lipozene, the information provided by non-believers indicate there is a possibility of some dangers. After all, when the blood sugar drops too low, an individual can go into diabetic shock. In addition, if the medications you take to control diabetes work harder than they should, it could cause a severe drop in blood sugar. If you choose to use Lipozene as part of your weight loss program, be aware of these possibilities and be aware of any symptoms.