Put an End to your Construction Industry Related Challenges with SAP Business One


The construction industry faces the real challenge and pressure of working with multiple clients as there are always various projects running in different locations at the same time. Now to ensure the smooth execution of all the projects while maintaining the quality standards is not very easy as it sounds. Not just the resources required on field for the construction purpose is important in construction industry, but apart from that there’s literally a lot to handle in the background.

There are ‘n’ numbers of things to handle off-field, like:

  1. Inventory control – As the whole project is relying on the amount of inventory available, any error in calculation related to real-time inventory may lead to out-of-stock situation that would delay the project completion and ultimately affecting the customer satisfaction.
  2. Budgeting – As a specified budget is devoted to each product, there’s absolutely no room for any errors in forecasting the budget. Errors in budgeting may cause heavy losses.
  3. Procurement – As there’s a concrete planning involved related to sources, you have to have accurate error-free procurement analysis report to empower you make right decisions.

With so much to look after during a project and many other projects that are running at the same time, how to do incorporate perfection in skilled tasks yet maintaining the background stock, financials and other standards, what’s the right way to handle things? Well, the one-solution to all your challenges is a robust ERP Software in India like SAP Business One construction.

SAP Business One is intelligent software that manages end-to-end business functions from inventory to financials to CRM. With its in-built capabilities specific to construction industry, it is apt software to manage all your construction related troubles.

Let’s dig deep into its features to know more:

  1. Opportunity management: Plan well with efficient resources, machinery, accurate procurement analytics and risk management. With efficient opportunity management tool, SAP Business One in place, you never skip any opportunity to grow your business or approach the prospecting client.
  1. Contract management: we understand the major pain point of leaders in construction business – keeping track of existing contracts and maintaining the appropriate inventory and raw materials for the upcoming projects. SAP Business One renders your complete insights on contracts, simplifies your payments and transaction methods via automated invoice generation. These invoices are pre-approved by authorities, so that you don’t have to waste hours recalling the transactions done previously throughout the year for filing GST.
  1. Raw Material Management:Avoid under-stock and out-of-stock situations and stay always ready with the take up the new project with robust inventory management capabilities of SAP Business One software.
  1. Bill of Materials: With the efficient Bill of material feature of SAP Business One, you can formulate even complex of the formulations on the go.
  1. Finance Management: Manage your entire financials, tax management, budget forecasting, etc. with SAP Business One’s finance management module.

So, if you’re into Construction business and juggling to find a smart system to manage your end-to-end challenges, then go for SAP Business One Construction and say hello to happy working culture.