What are the Differences Between 1080p and 4k Gaming Monitor?


 4K gaming is getting immense popularity and increasingly accessible in the contemporary world of gaming. Most gamers are aiming at making a shift to 4K basically because of significant frame rates or response time as well as refresh rate, and for overall performance in terms of gaming experience. If you are also aiming at making a shift to 4K gaming, you need to first understand the differences before determining to buy a 4k gaming monitor and spend a lot of money as 4k monitors are expensive.

The 4K gaming monitors are considered as next-generation standard in terms of image resolution, ultimately with an enhanced count of a pixel of 3840 x 2160 which is the double of the traditional HD dimensions of 1920 x 1080 or popularly known as 1080p. Eventually, your 4K gaming monitor especially the graphics card is obviously getting upgraded before you start playing 4K gaming. On the other hand, though there are quite a good number of options for 4K-ready hardware, not all the games often support this resolution. In addition to this, the capable 1080p hardware which can support these games cost considerably less in comparison to 4K setup.

The possible reasons for you to upgrade your gaming to 4K experience may be the effectiveness of image which is almost twice sharp in comparison to the traditional 1080p image. Secondly, it will also provide you with opportunities for rapidly expanding the library of games which supports the new 4K resolution. Another positive consideration of jumping to 4K gaming maybe for the gradually descending prices of 4K gaming monitors as the rate of adoption of the gamers as well as the developers continuously climbing up. For example, the price of a card such as EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 came down by $ 100 within a span of just two years. Similarly, in the same period, the price of the Samsung 28-inch 4K monitor was reduced by $ 150.

On the other hand, there are also reasons in favour of 1080p if you still wish to stick with the 1080p. One of the most remarkable reasons to favour 1080p HD standard is because almost all games support it and you can experience pleasant gaming with any of your PC bought in the last decade. In addition to this, the aspect ratio of 16:9 is the same with 1080p as well as with 4K gaming monitor.