The Right huawei matebook 13 review 2020 Now


Huawei is not satisfied with the smartphone market and already has a consolidated line of consumer laptops of great interest, with the Matebook X Pro at the fore.

The latest model to land is the Huawei Matebook 13, a model that wants to snatch a piece of the market for powerful, beautiful and not very expensive ultrabooks. And we have already tried it.

Huawei Matebook 13 data sheet

Huawei has decided to keep a good part of the essence of its more packaged models in the Matebook 13. The new Matebook 13 is not as amazing in some points as Huawei’s flagship model, the Matebook X Pro, which we recall even hid the webcam. But it keeps the clean, sober and well thought out design ideas of the entire range. The huawei matebook 13 review 2020 will offer you the right opening here.

The result is a 13-inch laptop that weighs less than 1.3 kg and offers contained dimensions. All this with a price more adjusted to the competition of Xiaomi, for example, just what the X range lacked.

In the technical sheet of the Huawei Matebook 13 you have to look at the combination of its 13-inch screen and 1440p resolution, along with the eighth-generation Core i5 processor. It is the basic model that starts at 999 euros and that in our case, has the discrete graphics MX150 from Nvidia.

(Nearly) frameless design in compact form factor

If when considering the purchase of a laptop, mobility is raw, this Huawei Matebook 13 is an option to take into accountand is that carrying the Huawei Mate 13 is not a problem.

  • We have already indicated that it is a very compact laptop for its diagonal, which is appreciated. However, the 1.3 kg of weight is quite noticeable precisely because of that high compaction and the metal finish. When we take it, due to its size, one expects a little less weight.
  • Aluminum is the total protagonist of the Matebook 13 design. This laptop is very well finished, with soft edges, but it does not have any element of personality beyond the logo on the case, with a somewhat rough relief. On the face of it, it goes quite unnoticed and is completely identical to the Matebook X family.

Huawei Matebook 13 Review Design Side

In an ultrabook we are used to the fact that connectivity is usually limited. It is not surprising that the USB-C ports are the only dominators in this Matebook 13, with the exception of a 3.5 mm port for headphones.

We have two USB-C ports with 3.1 interface, no USB-A, something that some users immediately miss for example for wireless mouse adapters that are not bluetooth or connect a printer that is not wireless. But if we had placed them, we would not have been able to enjoy such a reduced thickness.

Huawei tries to iron out this port shortage with the inclusion of an adapter . In our case it was a USB-C to USB-A one.