Gorai – A Comprehensive tourist guide


Mumbai is one of the busiest cities in the country and its fast-paced life requires families to consider going outside frequently to breathe in fresh air. getting a dose of nature is very much important to stay sane, be fresh and healthy. One such place that is close to Mumbai and the perfect weekend getaway is Gorai. You are sure to be swayed by its charm and beauty.

Gorai Beach

This beautiful but less crowded beach is located just 40 kms away from Mumbai’s southern end. It does offer your family with the much needed break allowing you to party or simply picnic. There are several resorts in gorai with pool that dot the place including home-stays nestled amidst the tall palm trees. You are sure to relish the nature as well as indulge in various types of beach-based activities, meant for all ages. You can also enjoy the street food served by the locals at the small beachside stalls.

How to reach this beach?

  • By Air: Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus is the nearest airport located at about 40 kms away from this beach. From the airport, take a reserved cab to reach Marve. You may also get a train to Borivali from Andheri Station, where you are sure to get plenty of buses and taxis to reach Marve and then a ferry to get to Gorai beach.
  • By Train: Borivali and Malad are the nearby stations considered to be Mumbai suburban railway’s western line. You can get auto rickshaws and taxis easily outside the stations or public transport bus that will help you to get to Marve beach. On reaching Marve, you may avail a ferry to get to Gorai Beach.
  • By Road: You may drive through Uttan Road to reach Gorai Beach. You may use Western Express Highway if coming from Andheri via Malad to reach this beach. From Malad station, you can get lots of taxis and public buses to reach Marve and finally Gorai.

Right time to visit this beach

This beach can be accessed throughout the year. However, it is between October & February that you should visit as it is the best time. The atmosphere during this time is quite pleasant. The full moon night is something to experience as you can get to witness the vast ocean with its aggressive waters hitting hard the rocks. You can come across tourists enjoying a party atmosphere with loud music, drinking and other activities.

You may visit this beach at any time of the year. But the summers between April & June are hot while monsoon between July & September will mean heavy rainfall that could simply spoil your holiday mood.

Other essential information to know about Gorai

  • If visiting with spouse, children and other elderly family members, choose to visit between October & February months as the weather then are quite pleasant and cool. It is just good enough to have a great picnic on the beach from dawn to dusk.
  • If travelling during summer months between March & June, then it is better to book the resorts in gorai with pool to escape extreme humidity and heat.
  • You need to carry along sunscreen lotion before hitting the beach during daytime to avoid sunburn due to the scorching rays of the sun. This is applicable throughout the year.
  • Wear light clothes, so that you can comfortably stroll on the beach without any inconvenience.

What activities to indulge at or near the beach?

  • Street food: There are indeed plenty of street food options to choose from at Gorai. Food enthusiasts are sure to enjoy this place as it does offer veg and non-veg choices. Also are present restaurants serving various types of Indian, local and continental dishes. You may relish the juicy seafood that is served here fresh. The local stalls on the beach also offer fresh fishes, chaat items, chana masala, vadapav, etc.
  • Water sports: There are available various types of water-based activities like jet skiing, boat rides, kite landing, kite surfing, etc.
  • Rides: You and your children may enjoy the horse or camel ride on the beach. Also is offered the bullock cart ride that will feel like being in a traditional Indian village.
  • Nearby attractions: This place is simply spoilt for choice. You may visit closeby tourist attractions such as Aksa Beach, Marve Beach, Arnala Fort, Essel World, etc. Your family is sure to be surprised.

Places to visit close to Gorai Beach

  • Arnala Fort: This ancient fort was built by the Portuguese during their rule of this place. This fort manages to attract tourists due to its rustic look and European style. From Gorai beach, this 15th century old fort is located at a distance of approximately 60km.
  • Essel World: It is also referred to as Mumbai’s adventure land. This adventure park is offers various types of activities for all ages. You can spend the whole day engaged in adventures. Also do visit Water Kingdom to enjoy water rides and adventure sports. If you are adventurous at heart, then do avail the might swings, roller coasters and other ides. Essel World is considered to be the country’s largest amusement park, spread over an area of about 64 acres. It does boast of having an ice skating rink, bowling alley, adventure rides and a dance floor. The country’s tallest tower ride, named hot ’N Drop is located here. Even children can enjoy rides.
  • Aksa Beach: It is another fabulous weekend getaway that is worth the visit with family and friends. This beach does offer tourists with various water-based sports along with interesting delicacies that you are sure to fall in love.
  • Marve Beach: This beach is known to be more private and is meant for those who love to be at serene places that are quiet and away from the maddening crowd. Its pristine waters are quite welcoming.

Choosing resorts in gorai with pool will allow you and your family to have a great time during the holidays.