teen Girls and Your Eyes on Them


For many species, of course, attraction to the partner’s breasts (or nipples) is almost impossible, because of the nature of the reproductive act. It is noteworthy that many species do not reproduce face to face, such as dogs, for example. This, of course, ends up preventing any attention to be given to this part of the body during the sexual act. However, some primate species, such as bonobos, have already been observed stimulating their nipples themselves during masturbation – which may indicate some kind of relationship to human behavior, as these primates are closest to us. The teen pornstars with their best breasts can generate that feel.

A relatively accepted theory by the accepted community is that breasts have evolved in this way among women as a “tool” to demonstrate to men that they are fertile, reproductive and healthy females – which could serve as a strategy for spreading the species. Human Although sex is currently primarily intended for entertainment and pleasure, these characteristics could still be present instinctively in men, generating attraction to the breasts.

Cultural question

One factor that seems to be of great importance in this regard is culture. Although you are used to seeing your breasts with a sexual gaze, it does not happen in all human cultures. Worship for female breasts spreads across much of the globe.

Attraction to breasts is a brain organizing effect that occurs in heterosexual men from puberty. Evolution has selected this brain trait, which makes men sexually attracted to their breasts, because the result is the activation of a female bonding circuit, making women feel more attached to them. It’s a behavior that males developed to stimulate women’s circuits of maternal affection. For the researcher, this feature is extremely common especially in humans because of the way we practice the sexual act – face to face, allowing the stimulation of breasts and nipples.