Some Of The Things To Consider When Buying The Best Volleyball Knee Pads


Volleyball knee pads are protective gear worn when playing or practicing volleyball to mainly protect the kneecap, patella, and meniscus from any form of injury. Well padded knee pads are highly recommended because volleyball involves a lot of falling thus causing your knees to constantly come into contact with the rough ground.

Volleyball knee pads are available in different colors and sizes hence giving different support and padding. The best volleyball knee pads provide the player with maximum protection through shielding the kneecap bone and the areas around the knee because any knee injury makes the player stop playing and can also cause other knee problems in the future like arthritis.

What are the best volleyball knee pads

The best volleyball knee pads should offer comfort to the player. Comfort helps to boosts the player’s confidence because they will not be worried about bruises, scrapes, burns, or any other form of a knee injury. This is because the pads are offering great protection to both the knees and the skin around it especially when one hits the rough surface. Appropriate padding also means less severe injury to the knee meaning the player doesn’t have to worry while making a tackle, thereby improving the performance level.

Some of the main things to consider when buying the best volleyball knee pads are:


Knee pads should fit perfectly without pinching or rubbing. They should also be made of stretchy fabric to cover the whole area around the knee therefore offering the player great support which improves stability. This is because loose knee pads will move up and down while playing which may lead to poor performance due to distraction and also cause injury to the knees because they are not properly protected. Very tight-fitting kneepads cause low circulation of blood to the feet thereby disrupting the player due to discomfort. To know the size of your knee cap, take the mid-section, below and above the knee measurements.


The position that one plays determines the amount of padding needed. For instance, front players don’t need much-padded knee pads because they don’t dive or move quickly compared to back players who need much-padded knee pads to offer full protection because they dive more often while playing. Beginners also need greatly padded knee caps because they are not yet used to the game.


This involves the quality of the knee pad. A great quality volley knee pad should be made of a material that is soft and breathable and that has ventilation at the back. This is because one sweats a lot around the knees area during playing. Soft material helps avoid knee cap rash.

Volleyball knee pads should comfortable especially when, jumping, running, or plunging. The best volleyball knee pads also provide padding for both the outer and inner parts of the knee. When wearing the knee pad, make sure that to place it beneath the kneecap slightly covering the bottom of the knee this is because when hitting the floor, it’s the lower part of the knee and the top of the shin bone that is mostly affected