Widespread options of Christmas trees to choose


Christmas decorations are never complete without a Christmas tree. There are many reasons for opting for real Christmas trees instead of artificial ones. A real Christmas tree provides a natural fragrance and adds to the greenery of your house. The Christmas tree can be recycled after Christmas. There are 35 species of trees used as Christmas trees. The type of Christmas tree you want depends upon your individual preference, such as whether you need a highly fragrant tree or a tree with strong branches to hang heavy ornaments or any other requirement.

There are some of the most popular options of Christmas trees.

Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir is pyramidal in shape with needle-shaped leaves arranged in a radiating pattern. The needles are soft and are of blue or green colour. The sweet aroma of the tree also makes it highly endearing as a Christmas tree. Douglas Fir is suitable for large rooms. It is better to decorate this tree with light ornaments because the needles are soft. It should also be watered regularly to prevent the shedding of the hands.

Fraser Fir

Fraser Fir is considered to be one of the perfect Christmas trees. The needles of this tree are soft to touch and silvery-green in colour. Even though the needles are smooth, the branches are strong and will hold the ornaments well. Gaps are present between the branches where the main decorations can be displayed prominently. Fraser Fir does not shed its needles quickly and can last for up to 6 weeks. The evergreen scent of the tree fills the house and imparts a festive spirit.

Colorado blue spruce

Colorado blue spruce has blue foliage with a hint of silver colour. The needles are thin and sharp. Hence, it is necessary to wear gloves while decorating this tree to avoid cuts. The tree is shaped like a pyramid. The branches are strong enough to hold numerous ornaments. Colorado Blue Spruce is the state tree of Colorado state in the USA, hence the name.

Balsam Fir

Balsam Fir is known for its very strong fragrance which makes it a trendy Christmas tree option. The needles are short and flat and are two-toned in colour with green on top and silver on the lower part. The needles are durable and persist for four weeks at a stretch. The branches are soft and flexible, which means heavy ornaments should not decorate this tree. Instead, light ornaments such as paper chains, tinsels, ribbons and small twinkling lights can be used. It is essential to keep this tree well-watered because it tends to dry out quickly.

Scotch Pine

Scotch Pine has a dark bluish-green coloured foliage which makes it stand out in the room. The upwardly curved branches are suitable for holding ornaments. The needles are narrow and sharp. Hence the decoration must be done while wearing gloves. The aroma of the tree is also very appealing. The needles are not shed as long as the tree is kept watered.

Grand Fir

Grand Fir is dark green, and its needles are 1-2 inches long. The tree’s orangey scent is what makes it very popular as a Christmas tree because the smell spreads throughout the house. The needles and branches are soft to touch. This tree does not need heavy ornaments to appear decorative.