How to choose color and shapes of planters according to interior


Comfortable and pleasant interiors speak the language of peace and calm inside a house. It is a way of designing the inside structures that we live and work in. Be it wood furniture, stone finishes, printed tiles, colorful walls or even animal hides on rugs all define beautiful interiors. But when we think of bringing nature into our man-made abode the most important and worthwhile are plants. While decorating the interiors, whether at home or in the office, one can never misconstrue the importance of having unique plants in their daily living space. There are millions of reasons for adding plants to our lives, the most important being physical and mental health. Besides their aesthetic value, having plants infiberglass planters at home keep them rustproof and frost resistant. Keeping plants inside homes removes toxins in the air, and improves air quality. It encourages sound sleep and energizes the body. Apart from choosing the tiny desk plants to large floor plants, selecting the right planters are also very necessary. There are different varieties of planters ranging from distinctive colors and textures by frp planters that can be added in any home. The planter pots or vessels can range from vintage to classic, minimalist to modern and rustic to bohemian. They are not just something that holds plants but is an integral part of your home decor. Therefore selecting the right planters concerning their shapes and colors is important.

Here are 6 great ways to choose the perfect planters for your living spaces:

  • Planters that inspire:

Pots that offer a refreshing splash through color, texture and sculpture can add a visual appeal to a room. Plant stands or hanging planters can add greenery in any corner of your house at different eye levels. The size of planters matters a lot. The height and width of the planter should be following the plant. One cannot get a 10-inch planter for a 9-inch plant. It also needs to be adjusted based on the space within the house.

  • Planter shape:

The shape of the planter conveys the desired aura. One should choose the shape of planters that match with the overall interior design. Pots and planters are available in various shapes such as:

a. Rectangular

To create a more contemporary plant display one can choose rectangular planters. These planters can be used as a center point in a room or their smaller versions can be used on shelves to add more sophistication.

b. Round –

With round planters, one can add a layer of classic touch to their interiors. These are available in numerous sizes to fit any nook or corner within or outside the house.

c. Tapered –

These planters add an enchanting view to your living room. They are attractive in designs and quickly draw attention towards them.

d. Abstract-

Abstract planters offer pots in various shapes and textures which allow them to create unparalleled designs. Their shapes in the form of organic rocks look quirky & trendy.

  • Planter materials:

The planter materials are an important part of any design scheme. So while choosing the right materials for planters, one needs to be very careful. Some of the best pot materials are listed down each having its features.

a. Fiberglass:

Fiberglass planters are often misunderstood for plastic pots. These are however light in weight just like plastic planters but are made of fiberglassfibers. They can take up any shape. It is an ideal material for planters. They can withstand seasonal changes and are low maintenance. These elegant plant vessels are available with any fiber pots manufacturer in India. They are very much suitable for indoor spaces.

b. Metal Planters:

These planters are unique and trendy offering a modern edge to any living space. Metal pots add sophistication and are very durable. Metal planters made of brass or aluminum elevate the aesthetics of a house. These pots can last a lifetime if handled with a little care.

c. Terracotta :

Made of clay these porous ceramic planters are brown or red and are very commonly used. They are durable and can last for decades. Terracotta planters are classic planting pots and make every plant look amazing.

d. Wooden containers:

Wooden planters give a traditional as well as modern look. It’s a natural building material which is used in numerous structures at home. Wood is the most affordable planter available in the market after fiberglass. It is easy to maintain and can be made at home in the form of boxes.

Therefore, bright colored fiberglass planters or shiny metal planters, indoor plant containers bring a flair of attraction to the interiors of any home. They are the anchors of style and luxury. There are many planter options available in markets. And to choose the right texture and colors for planters the above points need to be kept in mind.