The Significance of Noise Barriers


I’m not a fan of noise, especially near my residential area. I bet I’m not the only one of the opinion that a quiet environment is the best. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here.

We are in luck, though. Most neighborhoods have sound barriers. This post will show you various sound barriers and explain how best to use them.

Why are noise barriers significant?

 Can you believe that direct and prolonged exposure to noise can cause high blood pressure, stomach ulcers depression, among other health-related problems?  Hence, the importance of sound barriers go without saying.

What is the legal standing on noise barriers?

Noise poses a significant risk in the lives of people. Hence states are working to ensure proper laws are put in place to ensure its citizens are protected. These laws make it mandatory for noise barriers to exist where noise is likely to emanate.

Countries like Germany have made sound barriers mandatory. Others are still working on their laws. 

What are the types of noise barriers?

To understand the advantages of noise barriers, it is vital to know the types of noise barriers in existence. 

Outdoors sound blanket barriers

The outdoor sound blanket barriers are made of unique composite material. The composite material allows for the formation of a flexible and versatile panel through the combination of a noise barrier and sound absorber. 

The outdoor sound blanket barrier is positioned on support structures like frames or fences. Such structures prove useful when it comes to installing this sound barrier.

Man-made berm

A berm is simply an earth-inspired hill which is easy to make. It comes in handy if it is placed strategically on the points where noise tends to be too much. It is effective and yet so affordable. It is ideal for preventing highway sounds from reaching people.

Concrete sound barrier

This one is a lot more sophisticated and is made out of concrete and some amount of steel. It is the best since it can be built higher than berms hence absorb all the highway noise without having to position it in any specific way.

What are the advantages of noise barriers?


The point of durability is especially true on concrete highway sound walls. They survive for decades and are not easily ruined by termites or molds. They can withstand extreme heat or cold. Also, the outdoor sound blanket barriers can withstand excessive heat and freezing conditions.

Low maintenance

Maintaining the noise barriers is pretty straightforward and cannot be compared to the beginning, which is always hard on the pockets. In the long run, the amount used while placing the noise barriers into place spread through the years of being far from noise.

Guaranteed results

The results of using a noise barrier are guaranteed. It is hardly a trial and error procedure. All it takes is a professional.


Noise barriers are the best way to ensure a calm environment conducive to people who work from home and kids who love their afternoon nap.