How to attract followers with your pictures using this secret trick


Attracting followers without using paid promotion is not as easy as it is used to be. With the increasing competition, it is getting harder day by day. There was a time when you could reach ten thousand people with a single post. Today, it may take you three four posts to reach the same amount of audience.

What is the issue?

The reason of getting less reach now than ever is the ever growing competition on social media. There are more influencers than ever in your niche especially when you are an Instagram model.

How to tackle this issue

Only visual content appeals on Instagram. You must become creative with your posts to make more people to visit your profile.

You must experiment with your pictures and apply new tricks.

One such trick is using the lens flare. A lens flare is mostly undesirable and ruins a good photograph. However, you can intentionally use it in your pictures to give your pictures an extra edge over others. You can visit this link to learn more techniques to use lens flare for your social media posts:

What to do next

Clicking a good photograph is never enough for a great social media post. It is mandatory to edit it and use some effects.

It does not steal the reality of your image. It just adds to its beauty only. Though, you are supposed to use the right software or else your picture may get ruined.

A great tool for editing pictures for Instagram is: The best thing about this tool is that it is specifically designed for Mac users. It works as a a great alternative for Photoshop for people who use Mac.

Use of hashtags

The final step to create a good post on Instagram is using the right hashtags. You must research different hashtags in your niche. You have to experiment a little before you find out which ones are working best for you.