Trending Kitchen Cabinet Styles that Never go out of Fashion 


Kitchen renovation is as much about making the kitchens more functional as it is about making them visually stunning. Which is why perfect renovation is a tedious task that’s best handled by professionals at firms like KSI cuisine solutions. Having said that, it’s also the variety that makes a lot of difference. So, in this guide we will be particularly talking about the different kinds of high-quality kitchen cabinets like the KSI kitchen cabinets that are perfect for remodeling and renovation. Let’s begin! 

  1. Shaker Cabinets for Modern Kitchens

Modern kitchens are one of the most popular kitchen styles that more and more people love since these models are:

  • More energy efficient 
  • Properly ventilated 

Some of the characteristics of shaker cabinets at KSI that you should know about are listed below. 

  • They have flexible designs – the edges can be plain as well as decorative. 
  • They can have a classic five piece door design for traditional kitchens and a slab drawer design for modern kitchens. 
  1. Classic Cherry Raised-Up Cabinets for Traditional Kitchens

The Cherry raised-up kitchen cabinets at KSI have perfect undertones of red and light brown. Whether you want a darker shade or a lighter one, it’s up-to you. Some of the reasons that make these cabinets so classy are listed below. 

  • They replicate the old world charm under chandelier lights. 
  • They create a warm feel that looks interesting even in contemporary kitchens. 
  • They can last for decades and they need minimal maintenance. 
  • They are impact resistant. This is one of the reasons behind their durability. 
  • The cherry wood surface can be carved to demonstrate multiple patterns – swirls, knots, circles, and so on. 
  1. Classic Kitchen Cabinets

The classic kitchen cabinets at KSI cuisine solutions are the most flexible kinds of kitchen cabinets available. They look unbelievably majestic with modern kitchens, coastal kitchens, as well as traditional kitchens. Some of their defining characteristics are listed below. 

  • They belong to a much neutral color palette in white, off-white, and beige. 
  • They are highly customisable. 
  • They can be made in a number of materials – veneer wood, timber, and laminates – so that people with different budgets can afford them.

On a closing note, the above listed 3 styles of kitchen cabinets are some of the most practical designs that you will fall in love with. Explore all your options on the KSI website – – for detailed information.