Is it Possible to Regrout Over Old Grout?


The cement grout will come apart regardless of how well it is installed. The degradation happens over time and soon become easily noticeable. When this happens, one may want to know if it is possible to regrout over the contaminated and stained grout. What do the experts have to say about this? Will it affect the quality of the new grout? Should you go ahead working with cracked grouts and stained grouts? Keep reading to find out more.

What are the Chances of Regrouting Over Older Grout?

Whether you can regrout over old grout depends on the situation at hand. It is sometimes easy to regrout over minor cracks and stains, but it can sometimes be impossible. DIY projhects are hwver not the pbest. If you insist on doing it, equip yourself with relevant skills to help you succeed. The advantage of regrouting over old, damaged grout is that it saves time and a decent amount of cash. You won’t need a lot of cement accounts f these savings.

For cases where you regrout over old grout, epoxy grout is highly recommended. You will also need a grout removal tool to cut through 2mm of the old epoxy before fixing it. The epoxy grout is excellent because it also acts as a seal, and you don’t have to add a new seal over the grout. The fact tha it is nonpermeable makes it an excellent choice for people looking to get the full value of their investment.

When chipping out the 2mm, work slowly and avoid using too much force lest you cause more damage. Cleaning the dust once the 2mm old grout is removed would be best. Next, you can add the new epoxy grout evenly and cover up any damage.

Next, you ought to allow the newly applied grout to cure entirely for the grout to work as expected. This may seem simple until you try it yourself. If you don’t like the hustle, hire professional floor experts to help with the process. Consider working with Biz Floors, as they have been in this industry for years with impeccable success.

The technicians at the company have the skills you need to complete the grout and regrouting process fast and efficiently. They will start with an evaluation to determine if regrouting over the older grouty layer is possible. If not, they will advise on the best option according to your budget. The team of experts at Biz Floor cares about your floors and deliver only the best.

The bottom line is never to wait until the grout because of a hazard because of accumulating dirt, stains, and mold. Scout for the right service provider with a track record of regrouting. This information is readily available on the website. The service’s cost should never be turned off when regrouting over older grout is a possibility. Call Biz Floors today for the right kind of support, and we will come in to evaluate the extent of the damage before giving you a lasting solution.