Five Ways to Increase Your Charitable Impact


Being human beings, it is an intrinsic part of one’s nature to try to help one another. However, nowadays the lives of people have become very busy and for many now it seems a clumsy thing to do, everyone thinks someone else will take an initiative. If you are an individual that wants to have an impact with your donation, here are five ways to increase your charitable impact.

Give for Self-Sufficiency:

“It is precisely because neither individuals nor small groups can be fully self-sufficient that cooperation is necessary to human survival and flourishing.”, truly said Tom G. Palmer, an American libertarian author, and theorist.

Oftentimes on the streets, when confronted with people begging on the streets, it arouses pity. Where offering them immediate help with some money seems a good choice for many, this incentivizes their behavior keeping them on the streets. For them, it becomes the best viable option to earn which prevents their growth and restricts them to the street as it’s the best short-term solution for some immediate money.

Be Selective:

In a state of an emergency like natural disasters people mindlessly donate useless things that are not essential for survival. This only further makes it complicated to sort out the essentials the victims need. Instead of being useful, the donations become counterproductive for the organization to provide them to people in need. A wiser option would be to donate money directly to such foundations that are dedicated to providing essentials at such times

Support small businesses:

While traveling or purchasing goods skipping the big international hotels and the products from the large MNC’s could be skipped for a local Alternative to opt for smaller inns and B&Bs. This ensures that they make a decent living as well as develop the local economy which will an inclusive one since local businesses are all about local people and local family-based businesses this can be a great way to help the poor.

Support Foundation Projects:

Some countries or regions could enormously avail themselves of effective resources that cannot be used due to lack of foundation. Investing or encouraging in projects that are foundation squared can be of great help in resolving foundation difficulties which can result in giving an astronomical boost to the economy. We Charity is an organization that gathers donations to provide an effective foundation so that the underprivileged can make use of the essential resources for sustenance. We Charity is part of ME to WE, a social enterprise enabling people to do good through their everyday choices and also working towards several other noble causes guided by resources for a poverty-free future.

Give Collectively:

This can be an effective way to make a substantial impact out of one’s giving. Participating in a giving circle or creating one can be quite favorable to merge a large sum of money that can be collectively used to support non-profits. This will make a much larger and sustainable impact than an individual could make.