5 Pieces of Dating Advice for Gay and Bisexual Men


If you belong to the LGBTQ community, you know how difficult dating can be. Even in the US, where LGBTQ rights are most evolved compared to the rest of the world – dating can be challenging.

This has to do with many different things. For example, what do you expect to find in a partner, are you dating certain types of guys only, are you still against online dating and many similar questions can be raised when it comes to dating difficulties.

To help you out a bit, we gathered these 5 pieces of dating advice. Hopefully, some of them can serve you well.

1.      Date outside your type

This first piece of advice can be applied to everyone, not just gay and bisexual men. Maybe the reason you’re not great at dating has something to do with dating certain types of guys. Maybe it’s time to start dating outside your type.

When you have a type, you’re only limiting yourself. The whole point of dating is to meet different kinds of people and see if you vibe with them. Stepping outside of that means having more chances of finding love.

2.      Do some online dating or matchmaking

Online dating apps and sites, as well as matchmaking services, are a very good way to get yourself a date. Gay and bisexual men are known to be open to online dating, so you can for sure find a date online.

Of course, online dating and matchmaking come with both pros and cons. For example, if you meet a guy online, before arranging a meeting, do some video chatting beforehand. Video chats can save you a lot of frustration and uncomfortable situations.

If you’re from the East Coast of the US, you’ll like to know that matchmaking agencies are a very up-and-coming way of finding yourself a date.

Look for a professional gay matchmaker in New York and they’ll find someone from their large database of inspiring gay men from New York and the area. With matchmaking, you can rest assured that there will be no scams, no boring dates, and no wasting time.

3.      Interesting topics on the first date are allowed

First dates don’t have to be awkward and boring. Instead, do something different, and don’t be afraid to broach interesting and even controversial topics on your first date. This gives you the chance to get to know your date a bit better and to form an opinion on him faster.

Start by trying to make a connection and then build on what you already know. State what you dislike, and your deal-breakers. Also, don’t be afraid to show your vulnerable side during the first date as well. The more memorable the date is, the more chances of another one!

And remember that you can always leave if the date is going sideways.

4.      Don’t force attraction

The attraction has a lot to do with chemistry and chemical reactions in our brains. This means that attraction can’t be forced – you’re either attracted to someone or not. Regardless of how funny, smart, even good-looking a guy is, if there is no spark, no attraction – what’s the point.

So, don’t try to force attraction. Be honest and admit that you’re not attracted to him and that you probably never will be.

5.      Take things slow

Gay men tend to rush into relationships, which is not a good thing. There are tons of reasons why people rush into relationships – from their fear of being alone to trying to get over someone. Moving fast can cause many issues in a relationship and if you mix in sex and hormones, things get exponentially worse.

To avoid awkward moments, trust issues, questioning your partner’s motives, and other similar problems, the best thing is to take things slow. A relationship needs time to grow, you need time to build up trust and respect, set healthy boundaries.

If you want a relationship to last, you need to give it time and space. And that’s exactly why you shouldn’t rush things.

Dating should be fun and for some reason, many of us see it as means to an end – whichever that is. When you go on dates, you get to meet many different people, and your relationship with them doesn’t have to go further than friendship.

The point is to be open to dating outside your type, to be open to different ways of meeting people – either online or through matchmaking, and don’t force or rush things if they aren’t flowing naturally.