Popular bucks party ideas to try out


When it comes to weddings, the best man has his hands full. He is responsible for making sure that the groom gets through the hole wedding process. He has to get the groom properly dressed, keep the ring safe, right a killer speech be present for rehearsals and a thousand other critical parts of the wedding. Of all the duties, the mist critical duty is coming up with great bucks party ideas that will be remembered forever. 

Getting drunk and throwing a barberque can be fun when you throw in a couple of games and pranks in the mix. For a really epic bucks party, you really have to put some serious thought into it. There are some old and trusted bucks party ideas Melbourne that you can always rely on. You might want to challenge yourself to come up with something more creative. Here are some bucks party ideas you might want to think outside the box. 


Hunting has been in society since medieval times when kings would show their dominance. It has been ingrained into the human psyche since the very early days of human evolution when men hunted beasts to satisfy. Satisfy man’s primal instinct to reconnect with nature by organising a hunting  over beasts, or even further back to the early days of man when ‘survival of the fittest’ was a very real thing. Satisfy your primal instincts and connect with nature by organising a hunting trip.

If your buddy is an avid hunter with stuffed animal carcasses in his study then you can do some male bonding by going on a hunting trip. If that is not doable, there is always clay pigeon. 

Video games

Guys love video games. It may sound a little geeky to have a buck party with video games as the main activity at a bachelor party. You know your friends better than anyone. If you are the kind of friend who spends countless hours playing Fortnite then you should make it a bucks party theme. The beauty of games is that they can be played online with multiple players participating remotely. Make it interesting by having everyone dress up as their favourite game character.


Paintball has been the rage fr some time now. There are a lot of companies that offer this activity for bachelor parties in Melbourne. Every boy has grown up playing cops and robbers or armies. Running around in your backyard, chasing the other army to defend your territory of flag is a thrilling game. You can follow it up with the traditional night at a strip club where the losers of the “paint wall war games” have to buy everyone. 

Drinking Games

A bucks party is not complete without strippers and alcohol. That cant be the only thing to look forward to. If it is, things will get very boring fairly quickly. Mixing some games in the festivities will keep the energy up. You can enjoy a fun night out with the boys playing drunk Jenga, a number of games. 

The bottom line is that there are a number of activities you can incorporate in your bucks night party. You can be as creative as you want or you go to the old trusted bucks party ideas Melbourne. The point is to forget all the cares of the world and just to throw yourself in the moment. Bucks nights are about the end of one chapter, and the beginning of a new one. It should be a night to be remembered.